Power of Attorney in Serbia

Power of Attorney in Serbia

Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2023

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Power-of-Attorney-in-Serbia.jpgWith the help of a power of attorney, our Serbian lawyers can act on behalf of your company in Serbia, whether you are a foreign or a local entrepreneur. The power of attorney is an important document through which an individual is appointed to do a series of activities in a legal manner. You can talk to our team of advisors for more information about the power of attorney and its applicability. They can also handle the registration process of a company in Serbia.

Details about the power of attorney in Serbia

The power of attorney in Serbia allows a person to act on behalf of you and your company in a legal manner. This means that such a document can authorize a person to sign different papers, represent a business and handle sales matters or transfers in the firm. Here are a few things you need to know about the power of attorney in Serbia:
  • a foreign business owner can appoint a Serbian lawyer to represent his/her company;
  • the authorization specifies if the lawyer can deal with tax payments, mortgage, and any related real estate activities;
  • signing documents on behalf of a company owner can be made through the power of attorney;
  • a power of attorney can be used in any place in Serbia as long as the individual respects the conditions in this sense.
Please do not hesitate to contact our Serbian attorneys and solicit complete information about the power of attorney and the ways in which we can provide legal support.

Do I need a power of attorney for real estate transfers?

Yes, if you are planning a series of real estate transfers or related issues, it is recommended to talk to our lawyers in Serbia and let them handle all the procedures with the help of the power of attorney. Re-issuance of building deeds, ownership transfer of a property, rental and leasing matters can be handled by our team if you appoint us with a power of attorney.
Immigration to Serbia involves a series of procedures that can be carefully managed by one of our local lawyers. With their help, all the necessary documents can be drawn up correctly. The process begins with obtaining the necessary visa, then applying for a residence and work permit. Foreign citizens interested in citizenship can also turn to our specialists, with their help to simplify the procedures involved. We, therefore, invite you to contact us and discover our legal services.

The power of attorney in litigation cases in Serbia

In case your company faces a lawsuit in Serbia, you can solicit complete legal support from our team of lawyers who can act on your behalf, in front of the authorities with the power of attorney.
We suggest you contact our law firm in Serbia and find out more about the power of attorney and its applicability in Serbia.