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Real Estate Due Diligence in Serbia

Real Estate Due Diligence in Serbia

Updated on Friday 12th January 2018

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Real-Estate-Due-Diligence-in-Serbia.jpgThe real estate due diligence represents the legal method of verifying a property before it is acquired by someone, whether by a natural person or by a business person who wants to establish a company in Serbia. The legal aspects and the documents involved in a transaction must be attentively measured, in order to detect the problems before the purchase is made. Our Serbian lawyers are at your disposal with legal advice and support if you want to buy a property in Serbia.

How a property is verified in Serbia

The real estate sector in Serbia is complex but very attractive for foreigners who want to acquire a property for business purposes. Knowing the local real estate market before making any movement can start with a real estate due diligence, a matter where our attorneys in Serbia can offer legal support. One should know that the real estate due diligence in Serbia comprises the following aspects:
•    verification of the property to see if there are any unsolved litigations;
•    a firm examination of the property’s documents;
•    a structural verification of the land where a development will be built;
•    detecting the occupation coefficient to see how much land can be used for construction;
•    reviewing the financial terms and if there are any ongoing administrative proceedings.
From a legal point of view, all the requirements above are treated seriously and are part of a solid verification of a property before it is purchased. The due diligence review made by our advisors can reveal whether the assets are having legal issues or not.

How real estate issues can be solved in Serbia

If a real estate due diligence statement shows legal problems or related aspects, the first thing to do is to inform the seller. Your Serbian lawyer cannot accept closing the documents for purchase if the property is subject to litigation, debts or hidden breaches. Additionally, the assets can be sold and bought if the future owners receive the documents that attest the payment of the utilities, rental fees or costs related to other operations. 
We strongly recommend you contact our law firm in Serbia and solicit legal support when buying a property, in order to perform a real estate due diligence.


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