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Updated on Friday 27th January 2023

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Legal-Services-Offered-by-our-Lawyers-in-Belgrade.jpgKragujevac is the 4th largest city in Serbia and an ideal business destination for numerous international investors who see the business potential in this area. When opening a company in Serbia, it is recommended to have a clear idea about the legislation applied and about the tax structure among other things. We invite you to discover the legal services offered by our lawyers in Kragujevac if you decide for setting up a business in this Serbian city or make different investments.

How can I set up a company in Kragujevac?

Limited liability companies, joint stock companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships are among the type of companies a foreigner can establish in Kragujevac, Serbia. Branches and subsidiaries in Serbia are destined for large companies from abroad which can be easily established in Kragujevac. Here are the main conditions for opening a company in Kragujevac, Serbia:
  • The registration starts once the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association, the company’s main documents.
  • The company needs to be registered for tax purposes in Kragujevac.
  • Registering for social contributions and pension funds is mandatory.
  • A bank account needs to be opened and will serve for depositing the minimum share capital.
  • A stamp and a company seal are necessary before commencing the activities.
The entire incorporation process of a company might take approximately 5 days, and if you would like to understand better the legal requirements in this matter, we suggest you get in touch with our team of lawyers in Serbia and especially our attorneys in Kragujevac.

How are the litigation cases solved in Kragujevac?

Commercial disputes in Kragujevac can be solved with the help of arbitration and mediation or by sending the case to the court of law: The appellate Court, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the Arbitrary Court, and the High Commercial Court are the type of courts where commercial litigations are solved. Having a vast experience in such cases, our team of lawyers in Kragujevac can offer the needed legal advice and assistance in such matters. Depending on the complexity of the case, and on the judges involved, a litigation case might take a few months or years. Reconciliation is probably the first recommendation for litigation cases where an arbitration agreement is normally proposed in the court of law. All the legal aspects can be explained by our advisors, in order for you to be prepared if dealing with a litigation case.
A residence permit in Serbia is valid for one year and can be issued in approximately 8 weeks. For this document, you must present health insurance, proof of income as well as proof of new residence. But in order to benefit from a process without complexities and errors, we recommend that you get in touch with our team of lawyers. We are here to guide you in this endeavor to be able to obtain residency in the shortest possible time.

Debt collection in Kragujevac

Our experienced lawyers in debt collection in Serbia are at your service if you are interested in recovery the debts from clients or partners. An amicable procedure is in most cases the solution for recovering the debts, however, in complex cases, litigation is recommended. If companies or individuals do not answer to the notifications asking for the payments to be made, the case can be dealt with the court of law. Feel free to address your inquiries to our team of lawyers in Kragujevac.

Other legal services offered in Kragujevac

Foreigners need to know that they have all the legal support they need from our team of attorneys in Serbia, including in Kragujevac. Here are other services offered by our team of attorneys in Kragujevac:
  1. Providing support for obtaining the needed licenses and permits for your business.
  2. Tax advice and planning before opening a company in Kragujevac.
  3. Support for obtaining the work permit as a foreigner in Serbia.
  4. Company liquidation services if you decide to close your company in Serbia.
  5. Real estate due diligence if you are interested in purchasing a property in Serbia.
  6. Legal advice and support for EORI registration in Serbia;
  7. Company management and advice before operating in Serbia as a foreign investor.
  8. Legal advice and recommendations for obtaining a visa for Serbia.
  9. Legal assistance for persons who want to relocate to Serbia and are interested in the formalities involved.
  10. Legal advice for insolvency or bankruptcy procedures in Serbia.

Marriage lawyers in Kragujevac

Couples who want to get married in Serbia can benefit from legal advice and support offered by our marriage lawyers in Kragujevac. We can assist both Serbian nationals and foreigners from a legal point of view by handling the paperwork. This kind of support guarantees a fast process based on implication and experience.
According to the Serbian legislation, getting married in Serbia requires documents like the birth certificates of future spouses, the Single Status Report, a Certificate of No Impediment, the valid passports in the case of foreigners, and the proof of fees paid to the relevant authorities.
The permanent residence status can be issued to foreign couples living in Serbia for at least 3 years, without interruptions. More on this topic can be discussed with our lawyers in Kragujevac.

Divorce lawyers in Kragujevac

The divorce process in Serbia can be concluded with the help of a mutual agreement. This means that spouses should decide on the terms and conditions of the separation before filing for divorce. Among these, child custody, alimony, the domicile of the minors, and other financial aspects must be determined in the first place. All the legal aspects of a mutual agreement divorce can be explained by one of our Kragujevac divorce lawyers.
There are also divorce cases that cannot be settled through mutual agreement. In this case, such a divorce goes in the court of law. Complex divorce cases might take some time, yet the legal representation of a lawyer in Kragujevac will be offered throughout the entire process. We can handle divorce cases for Serbians and foreigners in this country, so you can get in touch with us at any time.

Immigration lawyers in Serbia

Interested in relocating to Serbia? We have a dedicated team of lawyers in Kragujevac who can manage aspects like visas, residence permits, work permits, citizenship, and many more. One should note that a temporary residence permit can be issued for foreigners who intend to stay for more than just 90 days in Serbia. As for the permanent residence in Serbia, this status can be granted after living at least 5 years in Serbia, or 3 years in the cases of foreigners married in Serbia. One of our immigration lawyers in Kragujevac can tell you more about the legal requirements and can properly manage the formalities.

Legal advice for property purchase in Serbia 

Acquiring a property as a foreigner in Serbia will solicit your attention for all the legal aspects involved. A preliminary purchase contract is prepared in the first place, with the help of our experts in the field. Another important aspect to consider when buying a property in Serbia refers to the title of deed and the sale-purchase contract. These documents can be verified from a legal point of view by our property lawyers in Serbia. This way you can eliminate any doubts regarding the property you are about to acquire, mostly related to hidden problems or litigations. You can discuss with our attorneys in Kragujevac and find out more about the legal support you can receive prior to the acquisition of a property in Serbia.

Support in terms of taxation in Serbia

The taxation system in Serbia is quite beneficial, however, foreigners need to have a clear picture of all the aspects related to companies and commercial activities in Serbia. The registration for taxation is required from the start, so legal assistance is granted when working with our specialists in the field. They can help you register for taxation in accordance with the type of company you want to incorporate in Serbia

Trademark registration in Serbia

Trademark registration in Serbia is a process that can be handled by one of our lawyers in Kragujevac. The procedure implicates a series of aspects referring to verification, costs, and other formalities. Foreigners who want to start a business in Serbia and register a trademark should ask for the legal advice of our experts in the field, to make sure the procedures take place in accordance with the applicable laws. Feel free to get in touch with us and solicit our legal assistance.

Making investments in Serbia

Serbia can be a good investment option for foreigners who can enjoy benefits from a tax point of view, workforce, encouragements, infrastructure, and logistics, to give some examples. Serbia is a great business destination with a stable economy. Here are some facts and figures that highlight the economic direction of the country:
  1. The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Serbia 44th out of 190 economies in the world for simplified business.
  2. Nearly USD 44 billion represented the total FDI in 2019 for Serbia.
  3. Foreign investors who create new jobs in Serbia can benefit from incentives of EUR 10,000.
The identification of the proper business area and legal identity enters the attention of any foreign entrepreneur wanting to expand their operations in Serbia, and particularly in Kragujevac, an important city that offers a multitude of business opportunities. In this direction, the legal advice and support of a specialist will be impetuous because this way, all the complex or misunderstood formalities can be properly solved.
We invite you to contact our law firm in Serbia and ask for comprehensive legal advice if you are a foreign entrepreneur wanting to start a business in Kragujevac.