Special Permits and Licenses for Companies in Serbia

Special Permits and Licenses for Companies in Serbia

Updated on Sunday 26th January 2020

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Before opening a company in Serbia, an investor needs to observe the general rules for obtaining the licenses and permits linked to the activities he/she wants to introduce on the Serbian market. For instance, for a financial company in Serbia, a business license is necessary as soon as the company is registered. In terms of legal advice, we recommend you address your inquiries to our team of lawyers in Serbia. We can handle the legal requirements for any kind of business you wish to start in Serbia.

Who issues the licenses in the banking sector in Serbia?

Foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in activating in the banking sector in Serbia or foreign banks who want to establish a branch in this country need to apply for a license in this sense which is issued by the Securities Commission. It is good to know that the National Bank of Serbia supervises the activities of local and foreign banks in this country, in order to guarantee that the Law on Banks is properly respected. We remind that our Serbian lawyers are at your disposal with broad support and legal recommendations for obtaining the needed licenses and permits for your business.

Facts about the licenses and permits in Serbia

There are several requirements for foreigners willing to work or start a business in Serbia, and it is required to comply with conditions for obtaining the necessary licenses and permits. You might want to observe the following matters which are important in varied areas of interests:
  • foreign lawyers who want to practice in Serbia need to register with the Serbian Bar Association;
  • attorneys who want to activate on a temporary basis need to register with the Serbian Bar Association;
  • the local Chamber of Healthcare Professionals issued the necessary licenses for doctors in Serbia;
  • accountants in Serbia do not need fundamentals for practicing this profession.
Foreign entrepreneurs wanting to know the requirements for obtaining the EORI number in Serbia can talk to our specialists.

Work permits in Serbia

According to the Law on Employment of Foreigners, citizens from abroad will need a work permit if they accepted a job in this state. The work permit comes with a residence permit in Serbia only if the company makes proof of the sponsorship in this sense. We remind that even if Serbia is not part of the European Union the country offers free access to foreigners willing to work here.
We invite you to contact our law firm in Serbia and find out more about the business licenses and permits in Serbia