GDPR Regulations in Serbia

GDPR Regulations in Serbia

Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2023

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GDPR-regulations-in-Serbia.jpgSerbia is not part of the European Union, but as a European country with businesses involving EU companies it had to align with the particular set of laws like the ones meant to protect even more the private data of individuals. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Serbia can be entirely explained by our team of lawyers in Serbia who can also help foreign investors in establishing their businesses in this country.

What is GDPR?

GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation is a set of laws adopted by the EU parliament in 2016 which entered into force this year in May. The new set of rules replaces the Data Protection Directive 1995 and it is meant to add extra protection for the personal information of individuals. The ways in which the private information is accessed, stored and used are mentioned by the EU GDPR which also observes the activities in Serbia.

How will the companies in Serbia be affected by GDPR?

The GDPR or the EU 2016/679 Regulation which was recently adopted by all European countries also observe the companies in Serbia which had to rapidly revise and change the privacy policy regarding the personal information of users whether online or offline who need to offer their data for purchasing goods or services. In this direction, companies are obliged to reveal complete information about how the private data is used and if a third party is involved. It is good to know that companies outside EU, for instance from the USA with activities in Serbia do not need to align with the GDPR rules. Our attorneys in Serbia are at your disposal with legal assistance if you are an EU or non-EU investor who wants to set up the operations in this country.
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GDPR and the right to be forgotten

According to the new GDPR regulation imposed for EU and non-EU countries, in our case Serbia, natural persons have the possibility to solicit to companies erasing their names and information stored. A demand for the right to be forgotten can be made by individuals who want a better protection of their rights to privacy.

Short overview about GDPR

As a conclusion about the GDPR regulations in Serbia, the following are of a great importance:
  • all companies in Serbia need to revise their privacy policy and respect the new GDPR rules;
  • practices regarding how personal data is stored and used by companies can only be accepted by individuals;
  • companies can face penalties of 4% from their global turnover if they do not respect the new GDPR rules;
  • legal support is necessary when accepting and aligning with the new GDPR regulations in Serbia.
We invite you to contact our law firm in Serbia and ask us about the GDPR regulations in Serbia.