Company Due Diligence in Serbia

Company Due Diligence in Serbia

Updated on Friday 27th January 2023

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Company-Due-Diligence.jpgDetailed information about a business in Serbia can be offered by a solid report after a company due diligence procedure. Such a practice is normally solicited by an entrepreneur or a company interested in the status of a specific business before an acquisition takes place. Because this is an important procedure, complete legal advice is recommended at the time you decide for company due diligence. It is good to know that our lawyers experienced in company due diligence procedure in Serbia are at your disposal if you are interested in such services.

Why is company due diligence necessary in Serbia?

A company due diligence procedure is suggested before an enterprise engages in operations or transactions with other companies, in order to see if such a firm has no hidden problems or other issues. A financial and accounting company due diligence is recommended for international investors who would like to purchase a business in Serbia and for which complete information is needed before the acquisition takes place. Here are a few facts about the company due diligence which can be performed by our team of attorneys in Serbia:
  • a company due diligence is also known as a company background verification performed before an agreement is initiated;
  • a financial check is revealed by a report in this sense, with the help of the company due diligence;
  • the risks and advantages of a company are normally disclosed by company due diligence;
  • if a company is subject to litigation, a company due diligence report will have to comprise such information.

Do I need due diligence in mergers and acquisitions?

Yes, foreign investors interested in mergers and acquisitions should ask for company due diligence in Serbia and solicit complete information about this kind of procedure. Such a procedure must meet the client's objectives and needs and must concern the criminal history if there are any business affiliations, real estate holdings, complaints, bad reputation and many more. Company due diligence is a kind of business investigation which can reveal if there are any problems with the company you wish to purchase in Serbia. 
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Who can solicit company due diligence in Serbia?

Investors from abroad or foreign companies looking for business opportunities in Serbia may ask for company due diligence before making any movement. In other words, they can ask for verification in order to see if the business they want to buy has no financial or litigation problems. The property rights are also verified, in order to make sure there are no infringements involved. It is good to know that company due diligence in Serbia can be tailored to the needs of the client interested in this kind of investigation.
Let us remind you that our team of attorneys in Serbia can provide you with guidance and legal advice if you would like to find out more about the company due diligence procedure and its applicability. Also, you should get in touch with our team of advisors and ask for support in business formation in Serbia, as our team can handle the legal procedures in this sense.

Looking for risks before a company purchase

A full company profile will help an investor if there are any risks and if company due diligence is necessary before acquiring a firm in Serbia. Such a practice will also help you identify the reputation and the competitiveness of a company on the market, spotting if there are any kind of problems with the banks and/or debtors. The ownership and the management can be correctly verified with the help of a company due diligence and specific information provided by the Trade Register in Serbia.

Short conclusion about company due diligence

A practical investigation of a company in Serbia, an inspection of a possible target for privatization, or for mergers and acquisitions may be in the interest of a foreign investor before buying an existing company in Serbia. A company due diligence process may involve specific audits related marketing, finances, production, or management of a business in order to avoid as much as possible any problematic company in Serbia. It is good to know that such a procedure may reveal whether the company is subject to bankruptcy or not, We remind that it is important to have in mind the legal support provided by our team of attorneys in Serbia in the case you are interested in company due diligence and the methods involved.
Please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Serbia and solicit legal advice and comprehensive information about the company due diligence procedure you can receive before purchasing a business in Serbia.