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Immigrate to Serbia

Updated on Thursday 15th September 2022

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Immigration to Serbia is a relatively simple process that can be properly managed by one of our immigration lawyers in Serbia with experience in this field. We present in this article some important details about how to immigrate to Serbia, with the recommendation that you should talk to our specialists about the formalities required, regardless of the country from which you want to relocate.
 Quick Facts  
Entry visa requirement (from EU)  (YES/NO) Yes

Entry visa requirement (outside EU) (YES/NO)


Types of visas available

- student visa,

- work visa,

- family visa,

- tourist visa

Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.)  Around 3 weeks
Validity of temporary residence permit

1 year

Temporary residence permit renewal requirements

- health insurance,

- proof of income and domicile,

- clean criminal record

Documents for obtaining a residence permit

- valid passport,

- confirmation of address,

- health insurance,

- Certificate of Good Conduct,

- bank statements

Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

After 5 years of living in Serbia

Investor Visa availability (YES/NO)


Start-up Visa Scheme availability (YES/NO) No
Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO)


Time frame for obtaining citizenship

At least 2 years

Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability (YES/NO)


Taxation of foreign citizens

- 12% tax rate on income from salary;

- 10% tax rate on income from self-employment; 

- 20% tax rate on income from real estate rental;

- 20% tax rate on income from royalties 

Tax benefits for expats

- possibility to claim tax credits under certain conditions,

- personal income tax reductions


Visa for Serbia

According to the Immigration Law in Serbia, you do not need a visa to be able to immigrate to Serbia for 90 days, especially if you come from European Union countries. In the case of non-EU citizens, a visa is required to enter Serbia. Here are some important details on how to get a visa C for Serbia (for short-term periods):
  •  The identity card and passport must be valid when applying for a Serbian visa.
  •  The Serbian authorities provide several forms to fill in with personal data as part of the visa application.
  •  It is also the authorities who will check the criminal record at the time of submitting the visa application.
  •  Information about the new address in Serbia will be requested by the authorities.
So, these are just some of the formalities to consider for immigration to Serbia. As soon as the visa is obtained, you need to apply for a residence permit in Serbia. Our immigration lawyers in Serbia can provide you with the necessary support to be able to apply without problems for the necessary visa. Do not hesitate to talk to us about other formalities such as registering with local authorities and obtaining a residence permit. We cal help you with details and legal advice about immigration to Serbia.

Apply for a residence permit in Serbia

A temporary residence permit in Serbia is required for all those who want to relocate to this country, either for a short term or for a longer period. As soon as you arrive in Serbia, it is important to consider the formalities for obtaining a residence permit, not before registering with the local police, at the station closest to your new home.
And in this case you will benefit from the support of our lawyers in Serbia who will prepare the necessary documents before you arrive in this country. It is essential to consider all these aspects in order to benefit from a simple and fast immigration process in Serbia. All the legal aspects regarding the visa and the necessary residence permit can be explained to you by our specialists. We can help you move to Serbia.

Can I relocate the company from my country of origin?

Of course, Serbia does not impose restrictions on the relocation of foreign companies. This process begins in the country of origin where business owners must make a statement containing all the details of the new business destination. In addition, it is important that contracts with service providers are concluded, not before making all payments, to ensure that there are no debts.
As soon as these steps have been taken, the company will be relocated to Serbia and registered with the relevant authorities. The company's documents with information about its owners, activities, general rules will be submitted to the Serbian Trade Register, the institution that deals with the incorporation of companies in Serbia. More about how to move to Serbia can be discussed with our lawyers.
Being a process that can develop complexities in terms of rules and documents, it is advisable to use the services of our lawyers in Serbia and make sure that all formalities are followed, including in the country of origin. More about how to immigrate to Serbia can be discussed with us.

Why work with our lawyers in Serbia

The experience and professionalism are two important attributes that you should keep in mind when deciding on the legal services provided by our lawyers in Serbia. Whether you are a citizen of this country or come from abroad to do business in Serbia, it is recommended to consider specialized help to be able to start activities in a relatively short time.
The incorporation formalities, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, immigration services, tax advice, and business management can be offered to you and of course, explained in detail before collaborating with us. We are here to help you relocate to Serbia.

Reasons to invest in Serbia

Serbia is one of the European countries with huge investment potential. Foreign players can benefit from an experienced workforce, an optimal business climate, financial incentives provided by the government under certain conditions, economic and political stability. Given such benefits, it is quite easy to choose Serbia for future activities and business developments. Here are some statistics that highlight Serbia's economic direction:
  1. According to 2020 Doing Business report, Serbia has ranked 44th out of 190 world economies in terms of simplifying business formalities and more.
  2. About USD 44 billion was the total FDI in Serbia in 2019.
  3. Most foreign investment comes from the European Union in Serbia. Russia is also a major player in the business market in this country.
Those interested in immigration to Serbia can contact our Serbian law firm for full legal services. We can also assist foreign entrepreneurs to start a business in Serbia.