Serbia Citizenship - Updated Guide for 2023

Citizenship in Serbia

Updated on Saturday 18th March 2023

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Citizenship by Investment in Serbia.jpgOur immigration lawyers in Serbia are at your disposal with complete information about Serbia nationality and can help you with the required formalities in 2023. In addition, if you want to open a business and immigrate to Serbia, you can send us all the requirements, and then we will deal with in detail.

Serbia citizenship - How to get this status in 2023

Serbian citizenship can be earned either by descent, being limited to one generation, by birth, or by naturalization or admission. For the latter option, foreigners must prove that they have lived in Serbia for at least 3 years without interruption. The process for Serbia nationality is then commenced. Here are the formalities you should consider if you are interested in Serbia citizenship, not before mentioning that our immigration lawyers in Serbia can guide you in this direction and can help you relocate to Serbia:
  •  Citizens must be at least 18 years old to apply for Serbia citizenship.
  •  Residents must prove that they have lived in this country for at least 3 years without interruption.
  •  A statement attesting that the applicant considers Serbia his/her country is part of the process of gaining citizenship in Serbia.
  •  The citizenship application can be made at the police station to which the foreign citizen belongs, but also at the consulates in Serbia.
  •  Birth, marriage, and citizenship certificates are the necessary documents for Serbia nationality process.
  •  In the case of young people over 14 years of age, they must give their consent in the presence of their parents.
Therefore, there are quite clear formalities for obtaining Serbia citizenship in 2023, but in order to ensure that the application will not be rejected, it is recommended that you contact our Serbian lawyers. They have experience in this field and can represent your interests from the very beginning, helping you move to Serbia.
Foreigners in Serbia who do not have permanent residence, and belong to the country, can apply for Serbian citizenship, under Article 23 of the Law, without being released from foreign citizenship. In this sense, such candidates over 18 years of age can submit a written statement with reasons why they consider Serbia as their country.

Is Serbia dual citizenship accepted?

Of course, Serbia dual citizenship is accepted, and this means that you do not need to give up legal citizenship in order to obtain the Serbian one. This is a legal status mentioned by Serbian law. But for more information and specialized legal help, do not hesitate to talk to our attorneys in Serbia. We are here to help you with the immigration to Serbia process.
Persons released from Serbian citizenship, or terminated based on renunciation of the parents and having acquired an alien citizenship can re-acquire citizenship of the Republic of Serbia, by applying, if such candidates are at least 18 years old.

Serbia citizenship by investment in 2023

Serbia citizenship can also be gained through investment. Foreigners interested in this must know that an investment of at least EUR 250,000 is needed to go to the real estate field. In other words, if you buy a property worth this amount, the Serbian state will guarantee you citizenship.
But there is another possibility, that of opening a business with investments of at least EUR 500,000, 4 Serbian employees, and maintenance of investments for at least 5 years, as shown by the laws of this country. In addition, applicants must pay government fees, both for themselves and for family members, if they are also part of the Serbia dual citizenship process.
So, if you are interested in investing in this country to obtain Serbia nationality, we invite you to find out all the legal aspects from our team of lawyers in Serbia. More about how to move to Serbia can be discussed with us.
Interested in immigration to Serbia? Our local lawyers provide you with complete legal services. They can take care of the formalities related to obtaining a visa, residence, and/or work permit. You will need a valid passport, health insurance, and proof of personal funds. We, therefore, invite you to discuss all legal aspects with one of our specialists if interested in relocating to this country.

How strong is the Serbian passport?

Serbian passport is offered with Serbia citizenship and has various advantages. Among them, citizens can enjoy free entry in over 100 countries around the world, including the EU and Schengen. In other words, no further formalities or visas are required once the Serbian passport is used.
On the other hand, persons who gained Serbian citizenship and have not been registered in the birth register kept in accordance with the legislation in Serbia can be subject to several proceedings made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Why invest in Serbia

Serbia has gained the status of an attractive country in terms of foreign investment, as many parent companies already have headquarters in this country. Low corporate income tax, an experienced and multilingual workforce, the ability to generate consistent profits in sectors such as tourism, automotive, IT, and engineering are some of the advantages presented by Serbia. Here are other interesting statistics:
  1. About USD 52 billion represented the total FDI for Serbia in 2020.
  2. The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Serbia 44th out of 190 global economies in terms of business climate and business conditions.
  3. Foreigners who develop business in the field of research and development can enjoy incentives of up to EUR 10,000. The condition is that they create new jobs.
Are you interested in Serbia dual citizenship or about how to relocate in Serbia in 2023? Find out all the details from our specialists and contact our law firm in Serbia right away. We can help you with the formalities of immigration to Serbia.