Legal Services Offered by our Lawyers in Novi Sad

Legal Services Offered by our Lawyers in Novi Sad

Updated on Friday 27th January 2023

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Legal-Services-Offered-by-our-Lawyers-in-Belgrade.jpgNovi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia, an important cultural and industrial town that aligns with international business centers of high importance all over the world. Knowing the legal aspects of a business in Serbia will help entrepreneurs have a proper start in Novi Sad, taking advantage of a stable and respected business environment. Our lawyers in Novi Sad are at your service if you are a foreign investor looking for business in this city and if you would like to know all the legal aspects involved. 

How can I open a company in Novi Sad?

The legal aspects of a company registration in Novi Sad enters in our attention because we can help foreign investors skip the harsh formalities or any complex matters. A company can be established considering the following aspects for which you can receive legal advice:
  • The Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association are necessary for forming a company.
  • A bank account in Serbia is needed for drafting the minimum share capital.
  • The application for licenses and permits is made as soon as the incorporation process starts.
  • The registration for tax purposes is the next thing to consider once the incorporation certificate is obtained.
Our lawyers in Novi Sad can help foreign investors register for social contributions and employment matters by offering the needed legal advice in this direction.
Interested in residency in Serbia? We recommend that you contact our team of lawyers to benefit from an error-free process. Among the documents, we remind you that it is necessary to present health insurance valid on the territory of Serbia, proof of personal funds or a salary if you have been employed in this country, as well as information about the new domicile. We can represent you legally in this endeavor, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I receive support for debt collection in Novi Sad?

Yes, if you are interested in the methods through which debts are recovered, you can get in touch with our team of attorneys in Novi Sad and find out information in this matter. Recovering the debts starts with the amicable procedure through which customers or partners are notified to make specific payments. There are cases in which a payment agreement is offered, in order to help debtors make a plan in this sense. If the amicable procedure fails, the next thing to do is to inform debtors that the case will have to be solved in the court of law. Our experienced lawyers in debt collection cases in Serbia are at your disposal if you are interested in debt collection in Novi Sad.

Can I receive tax advice and planning in Novi Sad?

Yes, our Serbian attorneys can offer legal advice in financial matters, helping foreign investors understand better the tax structure in this country. All the legislation changes can be easily explained by our advisors during your business in Novi Sad. Tax compliance, annual audits, human resources and many other services can be provided by our team of specialists in these fields, with the help of our attorneys in Novi Sad.

Litigation in Serbia

Companies facing commercial disputes can have the legal support of our team of attorneys in Serbia through its court system. The first thing to consider is that a litigation case can be solved through mediation procedure before going in the court of law. In the case the parts involved cannot establish the terms of reconciliation, the next thing to do is to ask for legal advice and send the case in front of the magistrates. Having a broad experience in litigation cases, our team of lawyers in Novi Sad can offer the needed legal advice in such problems.

Other legal services offered in Novi Sad

The experience of our lawyers in Serbia can be the solution for your business direction in this country because foreigners will have to know from the start the applicable legislation and the ways in which their activities can thrive. Therefore, legal advice and support should be considered when opening a business in Serbia. The following matters are part of the legal services our team of lawyers in Novi Sad can offer:
  1. Legal assistance for obtaining the necessary visa for Serbia.
  2. Support and guidance for applying and obtaining the work permit.
  3. Recommendations and support for having the needed licenses and permits in Serbia.
  4. Support for real estate due diligence before purchasing a property in Novi Sad.
  5. Legal advice and recommendation for foreigners wanting to buy shelf companies or entering a joint venture.
  6. EORI registration procedures can be explained by our team of advisors.
  7. Company due diligence can be provided if interested in buying a business in Novi Sad.
  8. In case of company liquidation in Serbia, you can address your inquiries to our team.
  9. Tax compliance and registration is offered by our team of advisors.
  10. Visa matters can be handled by our attorneys in Serbia.
  11. You can solicit information about the available virtual office services in Novi Sad.
If you would like to relocate to Novi Sad and you are looking for legal support in this matter, we kindly recommend you to contact our law firm in Serbia and ask for information.