Immigrate to Serbia from Canada

Immigrate to Serbia from Canada

Updated on Friday 12th August 2022

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Immigrate to serbia from canada.jpgCanadian citizens do not need a visa if they intend to move to Serbia for 90 days in a 180 day period. If the entry to Serbia is not restricted to Canadians, things change if the visit prolongs. However, a visa for Serbia does not guarantee entry to this country, and the authorities have the power to make a series of verifications. If you would like to know how to immigrate to Serbia, we invite you to discuss with one of our Serbian lawyers.

Immigration rules for Serbia

As mentioned above, citizens from Canada do not need to apply for a visa if they want to visit Serbia for no more than 90 days. In the case the visit prolongs, one must apply for a Visa D and follow the requirements imposed:
  • A Visa D for Serbia is required for stays up to 190 days.
  • Education studies, professional training, and practice, or the work contract is required for visa application for Serbia.
  • In the case of a family reunion, the marriage certificate and proof of the family union are solicited by the Serbian authorities who issued the visa.
  • A valid passport is needed, plus the visa application form with personal information.
Instead of dealing with the visa formalities as a Canadian citizen, you should ask for legal advice and guidance from one of our lawyers specialized in immigration to Serbia. This way you can be sure that the visa application won’t be rejected and you can easily move to Serbia.

How long does it take to obtain a Serbian visa?

A visa for Serbia can be issued in approximately 3 weeks, so Canadians will have to plan in time the visit and align with the conditions and formalities enforced. If you decide to work with our lawyers in Serbia you will benefit from complete legal services and guidance throughout the entire visa process. They can help you immigrate to Serbia.

What you need to do when arriving in Serbia

Canadian citizens must follow the regulations imposed for the arrival in Serbia. For instance, they need to register with the Serbia police in no more than 24 hours from the time of the arrival. In some cases, the company or the person in charge of your accommodation in Serbia will take care of this important aspect. More details in this matter can be offered by our Serbian lawyers who can help you relocate to Serbia.

Residence requirements in Serbia

The temporary residence for Serbia requires minimum effort in terms of documents and other formalities. The authorities will ask for a specific application reporting the temporary stay, meaning that a particular form needs to be fulfilled. Also, the Serbia authorities will solicit information about your financial status in order to see you do not need to apply for public funds. A health insurance valid in Serbia is also required. It is good to note that the residence and work permit can be issued at the same time. If you need legal assistance, please feel free to address your inquiries to our lawyers in Serbia. They can help you relocate to Serbia in a fast manner.

Can I relocate a company from Canada to Serbia?

Yes, Canadian company owners can relocate their businesses to Serbia following a few straightforward stages. The relocation process starts with the de-registration of the Canadian company, and the preparation of the declaration stating this aspect, signed by owners, managers, and administrators. The documents of the company will then be submitted to the Serbian authorities for registration. There are other important steps too that you can discuss with our Serbian attorneys who can offer legal advice. The company relocation to Serbia is not a complicated process, yet you should ask for our support. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to Serbia. 

Choosing our immigration lawyers in Serbia

We have a dedicated team of lawyers specialized in immigration to Serbia, so Canadian citizens can rely on our complete support. Professionalism, confidence, proficiency, and experience, are among the attributes of our immigration lawyers in Serbia. Instead of dealing with formalities that might seem complex or with possible visa application rejection, make sure you hire the services of professionals in Serbia. You might also be interested in gaining citizenship in Serbia, a process that can be entirely overseen by one of our specialists. Here are some interesting facts and figures about the population of Serbia:
  • There are approximately 9 million citizens living in Serbia, according to
  • Around 56% of Serbia’s population is urban.
  • Serbia represents around 0.11% of the world’s population.
Would you like to know more about the legal services offered by our team of immigration lawyers in Serbia and about how to immigrate to Serbia? if you want to relocate to Serbia from Canada, please feel free to contact our team of specialists.