Further Investments and Enhanced Fiscal Policies to Sustain Serbia's Economy


The European Commission recently revealed a report that shows the excellent trajectory of Serbia’s economy, not only for the latest years, but also for the next period. According to numbers, Serbia’s economy grew by 4.1% from 3.3% registered last year, enough for the EC to consider that the country will develop even more in this direction. If you are looking for legal assistance when starting a business in Serbia, we invite you to get in touch with our team of lawyers in Serbia for complete support.

New Business Agreements Between Serbia and China in the Mining and Energy Field


Serbia continues its development plans by adding a business plus with the existing partners. This time, Serbia signed several conventions with China, one of its important collaborators for so many years. Among the deals, China was interested in the mining field in Serbia and the potential investments in this area which are worth millions of dollars. A business in Serbia is subject to varied legal requirements especially if you are a foreigner looking to generate profits in this country. You can talk to our team of lawyers in Serbia who can handle the legal aspect of your business.

The Tech Sector to Sustain Serbia's Economy


Observing the international trends in the tech sector is no longer a secret for many countries that want to develop the economy in other ways. The same goes for Serbia and its authorities that know the importance of the tech sector and the manners in which it can sustain the country’s GDP. There are many investors who are interested in having their operations in the engineering sector, one of the prolific fields in Serbia. The legal aspects of opening a business in Serbia can be explained by our team of lawyers in Serbia.