Marriage Lawyers in Serbia

Marriage Lawyers in Serbia

Updated on Saturday 03rd September 2022

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marriage-lawyers-in-serbia.jpgGetting married in Serbia as a foreigner is not complicated, however, it is advisable to have the support of a Serbian team of lawyers who can provide legal advice and assist couples in matters of documents. We suggest you have a discussion with our marriage lawyers in Serbia and find out more about the rules and regulations in this matter. As for those interested in immigration to Serbia, they can discuss all the legal aspects with our specialists.

What are the necessary documents for getting married in Serbia?

There are different documents to consider and prepare when getting married in Serbia and among these, we mention the following:
  1. The birth certificates of both spouses, in original and copies.
  2. The Certificate of No Impediment in both Serbian and English if foreigners are getting married.
  3. The Single Status Report which is normally issued by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Serbia.
  4. The valid passports in case of foreigners wanting to marry in Serbia.
  5. A proof of the paid administration fees issued by the Serbian authorities.
  6. Partners must be at least 18 years of age when getting married in Serbia.
Depending from one case to another, the Serbian authorities might ask for additional documents, and complete attention in this matter should be considered by Australian citizens, for example, and that because they need an Apostille Stamp on the Single Status Report. For immediate legal advice you can talk to one of our marriage lawyers in Serbia, as our team can take care of such matters. In case of foreigners, they can also collaborate with our immigration lawyers in Serbia. They have the necessary expertize and can explain the immigration to Serbia procedures.

Marriage conditions for Dutch citizens in Serbia

Dutch citizens living in Serbia and wanting to get married in this country should observe a few important aspects concerning this matter. Besides being at least 18 years of age, partners need to demonstrate they aren’t involved in another partnership or marriage and need to provide the birth certificates, and also the divorce papers where it is the case. Also, according to the Family Law in Serbia, and to the international legislation, it is forbidden to get married or to enter into partnership with siblings. It is also recommended to obtain a marriage permission from the country of origin. Note also that the marriage certificate issued in Serbia for foreigners needs to be legalized, in order to be available in the country of origin of spouses.

Short facts about the Family Law in Serbia

As in numerous countries, Serbia sustains the marriage between two partners, under the rules of solidarity, equality and mutual respect, and these aspects are comprised by the Family Law in Serbia, one of the most important set of laws in the country. According to this act, citizens in Serbia can get married and share personal assets and properties, can be adoptive parents and can also accept prenuptial agreements if it is the case. Marriages in Serbia can take place at the City Hall or at the foreign embassy, depending on the nationality of the citizens wanting to become a family.
The Family Law in Serbia is extremely important, so if you would like to know more about the legal support and advice we can offer, do not hesitate to address your inquiries to our Serbian lawyers.

Are there residency requirements for getting married in Serbia?

Foreigners living in Serbia and interested in getting married in this country will have to deliver documents showing the domicile to the officials in charge of documents and marriage applications. Otherwise, there are no interdictions regarding the residency in Serbia, as long as it respects the laws of the country in terms of domicile.

Permanent residency after marriage in Croatia

Overseas citizens who got married in Serbia can apply for permanent residency and submit the application to the Police Directorate for the City of Belgrade, if they already had a permanent stay visa for Serbia. As for persons who recently entered Serbia and got married, they will stay for at least 3 years without major interruptions in the country, in order to receive the permanent residency status. Fast legal advice for obtaining the permanent residency in Serbia can be solicited from our attorneys in Serbia. Below you can find information and statistics about marriage and divorce in Serbia:
  • approximately 36.321 marriages were registered in Serbia in 2018;
  • there were around 9.995 registered divorce cases in 2018 in Serbia;
  • the average divorce age for women in Serbia is 40.5.
  • the average divorce age for men in Serbia is 44.
If you would like to know more about how to get married in Serbia, we invite you to get in touch with our marriage lawyers in Serbia for legal advice. Moreover, if interested in relocation, you can discuss with our immigration lawyers in Serbia.