Legal Services Offered by our Lawyers in Nis

Legal Services Offered by our Lawyers in Nis

Updated on Friday 27th January 2023

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Legal services offered by our lawyers in Nis.jpgNis is the third largest city in Serbia and an important business center that hosts numerous international and local companies.  Besides the business potential and the ways in which a company can be formed, a foreign investor should pay attention to the Serbian laws referring to investments and taxation. This is where our team of lawyers in Serbia can provide the needed support and legal advice for both domestic and international entrepreneurs. They can explain the applicable legislation, according to your business needs in Nis, Serbia.

How do I open a company in Nis?

The limited liability company is the preferred business structure available in Serbia and chosen by foreign entrepreneurs who want to make business in Nis. Here is information to consider about the incorporation of a company in Nis:
  • The Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association are the necessary documents for company incorporation.
  • Opening a bank account is the next step to consider in company formation.
  • The business needs to be registered for tax purposes.
  • A company needs to have a stamp and a company seal as soon as it is registered.
There are no complex registration formalities, nevertheless, we recommend you talk to our Serbian lawyers for assistance and legal advice.

Debt collection in Nis

Recovering the debts might be challenging at a certain point, and instead of dealing with misunderstandings, you can address your inquiries to our experienced lawyers in debt collection in Serbia who can provide complete support. The recuperation of payments will start with an amicable procedure and if there are no positive results, litigation is the next thing to consider.
If you want to obtain residency in Serbia, we advise you to collaborate with our team of lawyers. They have the necessary experience and can take care of the necessary documents. Applicants must present health insurance with coverage in Serbia. You also need the employment contract, if you are relocating for this purpose. The authorities also ask for information about the new domicile, but all aspects can be explained to you by our immigration specialists.

Litigation in Nis

There are cases in which companies can be involved in commercial disagreements which cannot be dealt with an amicable manner. Such cases are commercial litigation which are normally sent to the Supreme Court, the Appellate Court, the High Commercial Court or the Arbitrary Court. Regardless of the disputes involved, it is suggested to get in touch with our team of lawyers in Nis who can provide immediate legal representation. Moreover, reconciliation might be the answer in litigation cases in Serbia, considering the fact that complex cases might prolong for several years. It is important to have the legal support of a lawyer in Serbia, therefore, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of advisors as soon as possible.

Can I receive tax advice for my firm?

Yes, it is recommended to address your inquiries in this sense and to get information about the tax system in Serbia, if you intend to have a business in this country. Because the tax legislation might change, it is necessary to align with the requirements in this matter and to respect the conditions imposed by the authorities. Our team of attorneys in Serbia can provide tax advice at any time.

Complete legal services offered by our lawyers in Nis

Having a professional team of lawyers in Serbia is in many cases the answer to a successful business and that because foreign entrepreneurs need to know the market they activate in. In this sense, our team of attorneys in Nis can provide legal support in the following:
  1. Applying to special licenses and permits for your firm in Nis.
  2. Legal assistance for visas for foreign entrepreneurs in Serbia.
  3. Support for making correct applications in cases of work permits.
  4. Company due diligence for investors wanting to verify a business.
  5. Complete support in tax compliance and registration in Serbia.
  6. EORI registration for companies registered in the import and export sector.
  7. Legal assistance for those interested in mergers and acquisitions.
  8. Legal advice for the registration of joint ventures in Nis.
  9. In case of company liquidation, you can ask for your legal support.
  10. Support for company litigation is provided at any time.

Why choose our legal services in Nis?

Legal advice and support are recommended in numerous cases, and especially for foreign investors who want to enter the Serbian market in varied business sectors. The legislation might seem complex for such kind of entrepreneurs and instead of dealing with issues that might occur during the registration process of a company in Serbia, it is best and also suggested to ask for the legal support of a professional team. Our Serbian lawyers in Nis can handle the above-mentioned cases and can offer the necessary legal assistance in a fast and reliable manner.
If you would like to know more about our legal services offered in Nis, we kindly invite you to contact our team of attorneys in Serbia and ask for legal assistance and recommendations at any time.