Legal Services Offered by our Lawyers in Belgrade

Legal Services Offered by our Lawyers in Belgrade

Updated on Monday 25th March 2019

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Legal-Services-Offered-by-our-Lawyers-in-Belgrade.jpgInvestors from overseas can easily set up companies in Serbia and can benefit from complete legal services from an experienced team of lawyers in Serbia. Belgrade, the Serbian capital is an important business center and a favorite destination for foreign investments in terms of taxes, the ease of doing business, and legislation. Here are the main legal services we can provide for foreign and local entrepreneurs in Belgrade who can also ask for comprehensive information about how to start a business in this city.

Starting a business in Belgrade

Even though there are no harsh formalities for setting up a business in Serbia, it is recommended to have the legal support of our Serbian lawyers specialized in company formation. They can provide the needed assistance in matters like:
  1. Registration of limited liability companies, branches, subsidiaries, partnerships, joint stocks or sole proprietorships.
  2. Tax registration and tax advice for foreign entrepreneurs and companies in Serbia.
  3. Registration for health fund and pension fund with the Serbian authorities.
  4. Comprehensive support for licenses and permits applications in Serbia.
  5. Assistance for opening a bank account for depositing the minimum share capital.
  6. Legal advice in matters of employment (registration and application requirements).
Investors might not be aware of the applicable laws regarding the business in Serbia, such as the Company Act, the Commercial Code, or the Competition Law, therefore, it is recommended to solicit the legal assistance of an attorney in Serbia.

Can I receive tax advice and planning in Serbia?

Yes, you can ask for tax advice and find out more about the tax structure and the legal requirements your company needs to respect. Having an extensive experience in this area, our team of lawyers in Serbia can assist you from a legal point of view throughout the entire registration process with the entitled authorities. Foreign investors need to know that Serbia signed a series of double taxation treaties with countries worldwide with the purpose of avoiding the double taxation on profits. Get in touch with our team for more details in this matter.

Debt collection in Belgrade

Recovering the debts might be a problematic task at a certain point, however, you might want to ask for legal advice from our Serbian lawyers specialized in debt collection. An amicable procedure for recovering the debts in Belgrade, Serbia is normally the first recommendation in this matter, and the legal support is definitely necessary. Talk to our advisors if you are interested in debt collection in Serbia.

Company litigation in Belgrade

Commercial litigations are treated extremely serious in Serbia and legal disputes between companies can be represented by our team of lawyers in Serbia. Representation in the court of law can be offered by our advisors who know the applicable legislation and who can tell you more about the recognition of foreign judgments in Serbia.

Mergers and acquisitions in Belgrade

Are you interested in buying a company or merge with an existing one in Belgrade? You should solicit legal advice from our team of lawyers in Serbia and ask for support in this direction. In most of the cases, it is suggested to ask for company due diligence and be well-prepared before signing a legal agreement in this matter. Mergers and acquisitions in Serbia are a serious matter for which our lawyers in Serbia can provide their experience and support.

Can I receive legal advice for visa matters in Serbia?

Yes, business persons who want to establish their companies in Serbia, and especially in Belgrade, should ask for legal advice when applying for a business visa and for a residence permit. All the legal requirements can be explained by our team of advisors.

Company liquidation in Serbia

If you no longer want to continue your business in Belgrade, Serbia, and you want to close the company, we recommend you ask for legal advice in this matter. There might be complex cases when closing down a company in Serbia, which is why it is important to have legal support by your side and a team of lawyers who can explain the entire procedure.

Marriage and divorce in Belgrade

Foreigners living in Belgrade and wanting to get married in this country can ask for our legal support in matters of documents and requirements. The same thing is available for those who want to get a divorce under the Serbian rules. Child custody and support, the distribution or personal properties and assets enters in your experience, therefore, do not hesitate to ask for legal advice in these matters.
We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Serbia and find out more about the legal services we can offer in Belgrade.