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Legal Services Offered by our Lawyers in Belgrade

Updated on Friday 27th January 2023

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Legal-Services-Offered-by-our-Lawyers-in-Belgrade.jpgInvestors from overseas can easily set up companies in Serbia and can benefit from complete legal services from an experienced team of lawyers in Serbia. Belgrade, the Serbian capital is an important business center and a favorite destination for foreign investments in terms of taxes, the ease of doing business, and legislation. Here are the main legal services we can provide for foreign and local entrepreneurs in Belgrade who can also ask for comprehensive information about how to start a business in this city.

Starting a business in Belgrade

Even though there are no harsh formalities for setting up a business in Serbia, it is recommended to have the legal support of our Serbian lawyers specialized in company formation. They can provide the needed assistance in matters like:
  1. Registration of limited liability companies, branches, subsidiaries, partnerships, joint stocks or sole proprietorships.
  2. Tax registration and tax advice for foreign entrepreneurs and companies in Serbia.
  3. Registration for health fund and pension fund with the Serbian authorities.
  4. Comprehensive support for licenses and permits applications in Serbia.
  5. Assistance for opening a bank account for depositing the minimum share capital.
  6. Legal advice in matters of employment (registration and application requirements).
Investors might not be aware of the applicable laws regarding the business in Serbia, such as the Company Act, the Commercial Code, or the Competition Law, therefore, it is recommended to solicit the legal assistance of our law firm in Belgrade.

Can I receive tax advice and planning in Serbia?

Yes, you can ask for tax advice and find out more about the tax structure and the legal requirements your company needs to respect. Having an extensive experience in this area, our team of lawyers in Serbia can assist you from a legal point of view throughout the entire registration process with the entitled authorities. Foreign investors need to know that Serbia signed a series of double taxation treaties with countries worldwide with the purpose of avoiding the double taxation on profits. Get in touch with our team for more details in this matter.
Are you thinking of applying for residency in Serbia? Our lawyers are here to inform you about the formalities involved in this process. We can take care of the necessary documents, as well as collaboration with the relevant authorities. We are at your disposal if residency is necessary for family reunification or medical purposes. You can contact us today to benefit from personalized offers and free case evaluation.

Debt collection in Belgrade

Recovering the debts might be a problematic task at a certain point, however, you might want to ask for legal advice from our Serbian lawyers specialized in debt collection. An amicable procedure for recovering the debts in Belgrade, Serbia is normally the first recommendation in this matter, and the legal support is definitely necessary. Talk to our advisors if you are interested in debt collection in Serbia.

Company litigation in Belgrade

Commercial litigations are treated extremely seriously in Serbia and legal disputes between companies can be represented by our team of lawyers in Serbia. Representation in the court of law can be offered by our advisors who know the applicable legislation and who can tell you more about the recognition of foreign judgments in Serbia.

Mergers and acquisitions in Belgrade

Are you interested in buying a company or merging with an existing one in Belgrade? You should solicit legal advice from our team of lawyers in Serbia and ask for support in this direction. In most of the cases, it is suggested to ask for company due diligence and be well-prepared before signing a legal agreement in this matter. Mergers and acquisitions in Serbia are a serious matter for which our lawyers in Serbia can provide their experience and support.

Can I receive legal advice for visa matters in Serbia?

Yes, business persons who want to establish their companies in Serbia, and especially in Belgrade, should ask for legal advice when applying for a business visa and for a residence permit. All the legal requirements can be explained by our team of advisors. Get in touch with our law firm in Belgrade and ask for support.

Company liquidation in Serbia

If you no longer want to continue your business in Belgrade, Serbia, and you want to close the company, we recommend you ask for legal advice in this matter. There might be complex cases when closing down a company in Serbia, which is why it is important to have legal support by your side and a team of lawyers who can explain the entire procedure.

Marriage and divorce in Belgrade

Foreigners living in Belgrade and wanting to get married in this country can ask for our legal support in matters of documents and requirements. The same thing is available for those who want to get a divorce under the Serbian rules. Child custody and support, the distribution or personal properties and assets enters in your experience, therefore, do not hesitate to ask for legal advice in these matters.

Purchase a property in Belgrade

Foreigners interested in buying a property in Belgrade, Serbia should ask for legal advice for the procedures involved in the transaction. Our law firm in Belgrade can offer legal counseling for a wide range of property transactions.
Purchasing a property in Serbia requires attention in matters of documents. A preliminary agreement is needed in the first place, while the sale-purchase contract is verified from a legal point of view by an advisor. Such a verification can detect any possible litigations or issues of a property, a procedure that requires the legal support of a specialist in the field. 
If the contract is accepted, this is normally signed in front of the notary. Then, the property tax is paid, and the registration of the new owner is made with the Serbian Area Property Registry. These are simple steps that can be overseen by our specialists right away.

Register a trademark in Belgrade

Individuals and legal entities interested in registering a trademark in Serbia can rely on the legal support provided by our law firm in Belgrade. Different graphics, color combinations, numbers, or images are accepted, but in order to be sure that there are no similarities and there will be no disputes, a check with the Intellectual Property Office in Serbia is needed. An experienced lawyer in this field can help you with both the necessary verifications, but also with the trademark registration, in order to have the guarantee that the formalities are observed according to the laws in force. Do not hesitate to talk to our team and find out all the details about the correct and complete registration of a trademark.

Support for EORI registration

The EORI code simplifies customs control rules and is, therefore, necessary for import and export companies from Serbia, which operate within the European Union. Normally, this code is checked by the relevant authorities in order to allow a clear passage of products for import or export. Such a code comprises the VAT, followed by a unique number and the country code, in this case, SR.
A single EORI code is enough for a company, and the registration process is relatively simple. However, specialized help and legal support can be provided by our law firm in Belgrade. And here you can ask for our help to get the EORI code as fast as possible.

Support for employment matters

The tasks related to employees and employers come to the attention of our specialists who can provide legal help for various problems. Creating employment contracts and registering them with the relevant authorities, verifying that the companies comply with the legislation regarding the employees' rights like working time, the payment of salaries, holidays, maternity leave are some of the aspects comprised of Employment Law in Serbia. An experienced lawyer can provide you with the necessary legal services in this direction.

Company management services offered by our experts in Belgrade

The success of a company depends largely on how well it is managed by owners, and directors. As competition is tight, every company owner must consider a well-developed plan that contains both business strategies and the ways in which they can be implemented. Company responsibilities related to employees, activities, and investments may be part of the company management services provided by our law office in Belgrade.

Legal advice for children custody

According to the Family Law in Serbia, divorcing couples with minor children must consider their custody. Normally, the mother is the one who earns custody of the little ones, and the father has to pay their alimony.
Such cases can become quite complex, so you need a specialist in the field, who knows how to apply the law and what are the benefits of parents in this case. Visiting hours will be set and it is also recommended that, according to the law, minor children do not change their environment and live with their mother in the house where both parents lived. So, if you are interested in custody of your children after the divorce, do not hesitate to get in touch with our law office in Belgrade for more information.

Power of attorney

Power of attorney is the document with the help of which we can represent the natural or legal persons in varied legal proceedings in which they are involved. For example, if you need documents from state institutions or if you are interested in real estate transfers for which you cannot travel to Serbia, you can call on our lawyers in Belgrade, who can represent your interests with the help of power of attorney.
There are several cases for which the power of attorney is necessary, but regardless of the actions you want to take, we are here to offer you the necessary support. Our law office in Belgrade is at your disposal with all the details on this subject.

Company due diligence in Belgrade

Company due diligence is a legal procedure recommended to verify a company before its acquisition. Thus, the buyer makes sure that he makes a correct purchase in the sense that there are no litigations and hidden financial problems.
Such a purchase requires special attention, so it is essential that you seek specialist help from our lawyers in Belgrade and make sure that you avoid any mistakes. We are here if you would like more information about company due diligence.

Support for signing contracts

A contract concluded between two parties implies certain terms and conditions, which must be respected from the very beginning. As standard contracts may change depending on the terms of the collaboration, certain aspects may be difficult to understand. Moreover, such a document must contain complete and clear details about the obligations and rights of each party, the purpose, and duration of the contract, information on disputes and their settlement.
A lawyer in Belgrade can check a collaboration agreement, regardless of its type, and can tell you if changes are needed or not. If everything is in order with the respective document, this is then signed by the parties involved. Therefore, those interested in the contracts and the conditions that must be mentioned, in accordance with the law, can get in touch with our law office in Belgrade.

How to immigrate to Serbia

Foreigners who want to emigrate to Serbia must familiarize themselves with the legislation in force and seek specialist advice. If EU citizens do not need a visa to enter the country and live for 90 days without restrictions, those from non-EU countries must apply for a visa for Serbia. In addition to the standard formalities regarding the valid identity documents and the forms to be filled in, the Serbian authorities are entitled to make checks on the criminal record of the applicants. If it turns out that the candidates have been involved in crimes, the immigration authorities can refuse the visa application and, therefore, the entrance to the country.

We can help you obtain a residence permit for Serbia

A residence permit is required to be able to reside in Serbia as a foreign national. Registration with the local authorities is mandatory and in order to get help in this direction, you can talk to our lawyers in Serbia. They can manage the documents required to obtain a residence permit because they are in constant contact with immigration authorities.
It is much easier to use our legal services if you are interested in a residence permit in Serbia, to be able to guarantee that you will not face an application rejection due to lack of necessary documents. We have experience in immigration issues and we rely on experience and efficiency when working with our clients. Feel free to contact our law office in Belgrade for more information.

Invest in Serbia

Serbia remains a business destination highly appreciated by local and foreign investors. An experienced workforce, advantageous taxation system, attractive government incentives, support for job-creating investors, the well developed infrastructure, and simple company incorporation formalities in Serbia are just some of the benefits offered to international players who want to grow their business in Serbia and generate profits. Here are some statistics and figures that largely underline Serbia's excellent economic direction:
  1. According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Serbia ranked 44th out of 190 worldwide economies in matters of simplified business regulations.
  2. More than USD 43 billion was the total FDI stock for Serbia in 2019.
  3. Serbia imposes one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe, set at 10%.
  4. More than 70% of the total FDIs in Serbia come from EU countries.
If you believe it is time to collaborate with our team of specialists, you can simply send us your inquiries and then let us explain how we can help you and your company in Serbia.
We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Belgrade and find out more about the legal services we can offer for you and your business established in this country.