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Immigrate to Serbia from Ukraine

Updated on Monday 01st August 2022

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Immigrate to Serbia from Ukraine
Looking to immigrate to Serbia from Ukraine? We invite you to discover the legal services offered by our specialists. A Serbian lawyer can take care of the formalities, including the preparation of documents and their registration with the relevant authorities. We are here to help you relocate to Serbia from Ukraine.

Visa for Ukrainians in Serbia

The current political context allows Ukrainian citizens to enter Serbia without applying for a visa. Staying without this type of document is allowed for 90 days, after which other formalities will be discussed. Among them, we mention:
  • If you want to move to Serbia from Ukraine and stay more than just 90 days, you must register with the local authorities.
  • Ukrainians must present a valid passport at the time of registration. Otherwise, you can turn to special centers for helping refugees.
  • Serbia no longer requires proof of vaccination against COVID-19 but imposes other safety measures.
  • Also, if you want to immigrate to Serbia from Ukraine and you do not have a domicile, you can request the help of the Serbian authorities, namely the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrants.
All these formalities can be reviewed by our lawyers in Serbia. Therefore, if you want to immigrate to Serbia from Ukraine and you need specialist advice, you can call on our services. We are here to help you move to Serbia from Ukraine in complete safety from the point of view of documents.

How do I apply for a residence permit for Serbia as a Ukrainian citizen?

If your stay extends beyond the 90 days offered without restrictions, you need to apply for a residence permit. Let's review some of the formalities to obtain this type of document:
  • In addition to a valid passport, you need to present health insurance.
  • The authorities also request information about personal financial funds.
  • It is also recommended to provide details about the reason for staying in Serbia. In the case of Ukrainians with refugee status, they can be redirected to specialized centers.
  • Some specific forms will also be filled out, with the personal data of the applicants.
It is important to mention that Ukrainians will receive a temporary visa, which is the same as a temporary residence permit and which is valid for one year. If you want to apply for this document to immigrate to Serbia from Ukraine, we recommend that you contact our team of lawyers in Serbia with confidence.

When can one apply for a permanent residence permit in Serbia?

The permanent residence permit can be issued to Ukrainian citizens after 5 years of living in Serbia, without interruption, or 3 years in the case of Ukrainian citizens married to Serbs. This is valid both for those who extend their work contract in Serbia, as well as for those who decide to stay in this country with the status of refugees.
As for the establishment of a business in Serbia by a Ukrainian citizen, this is also possible with the help of our Serbian lawyers who can take care of the necessary documents, including the opening of a bank account for future financial operations.
Here are some statistical data about Ukrainians living in Serbia:
  • Currently, there are over 5,800 Ukrainians who immigrated to Serbia in the last 6 months of 2022.
  • More than 13,000 Ukrainians transited through Serbia, according to data for March 2022.
  • The Serbian authorities recently renovated a refugee center with approximately EUR 660,000 from European funds.
Therefore, if you want to immigrate to Serbia from Ukraine, you can contact our law firm in Serbia and ask for specialized help. We can take care of the immigration formalities if you want to relocate to Serbia from Ukraine.