Divorce Procedure in Serbia

Divorce Procedure in Serbia

Updated on Friday 09th March 2018

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Divorce-Procedure-in-Serbia.jpgCitizens in Serbia, whether nationals or foreigners can get married or file for divorce in respect with the Serbian Law and its provisions. The Family Law protects the rights of partnerships in a marriage, particularly the equal rights. As for the divorce procedure in Serbia, this has a liberal status and can be established in the court of law. Filling for divorce in Serbia requires the legal support of Serbian lawyers, a matter where our team can help. The same team is at your disposal with information about company formation.

The Family Law Act  

According to the Family Law, a marriage in Serbia can be dissolved if the marital relationship is permanently disturbed and if a divorce procedure is the only solution. From a legal point of view, the divorce can be completed in two ways:
•    through a mutual agreement of the spouses;
•    filing a lawsuit for divorce in the court of law without a public.
If one partner leaves the relationship or if he/she is gone missing, the other one can file for divorce in the court of law. The same authorities will decide on the arrangements regarding the children of the family.  Legal advice is essential when dealing with a divorce procedure, as the advisors can explain the rights of both spouses in Serbia. For a better understanding of how a marriage is dissolved in this country, we strongly recommend you to address to our Serbian attorneys.

The mutual agreement in Serbia

The divorce procedure in Serbia is normally done by a mutual agreement signed by the spouses if they agree to the terms and conditions. In this sense, the arrangements regarding the children and the responsibilities involved must be outlined. Details about the domicile of the children, their education, and the periodical visits must be determined when the mutual agreement is signed. Moreover, the same arrangement must contain information about the division of the assets gained together as husband and wife. 

The divorce procedure in the court of law in Serbia

It is good to know that the divorce process made through a lawsuit in Serbia is considered complicated compared to the mutual arrangements. Mediation is required in this procedure if both spouses, regardless of their nationality, are present in Serbia. We mention that divorce lawsuits may prolong for several years if the two partners do not agree on property division or child custody.
Please feel free to get in touch with our law firm in Serbia for complete legal support in a divorce procedure.