How to Emigrate to Serbia

How to Emigrate to Serbia

Updated on Wednesday 18th April 2018

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How-to-Emigrate-to-Serbia.jpgIf you would like to relocate to Serbia, a non-EU country, it is good to know that a valid passport and a visa in this sense are necessary. There are also several requirements to be considered and a series of documents which need a certain preparation. All the legal aspects related to the visa applications for Serbia can be entirely explained by our Serbian team of lawyers at any time. Our advisors can offer in-depth support when deciding for business in Serbia as foreigners.

What are the necessary documents for a visa for Serbia?

Besides the valid passport and the identification card issued by the home country, a foreigner must provide a certificate of vaccination in agreement with the requirements of the Serbian Ministry of Health showing that he or she doesn’t have a contagious illness. In addition, when applying for a visa for Serbia, bank statements need to be provided with details about the financial status and a minimum of EUR 50 per day as necessary funds for living in this country.

The Law on Foreigners of the Republic of Serbia

Serbia is open to foreigners willing to live and work in Serbia or for business purposes. The Law on Foreigners of the Republic of Serbia oversees the proper applications of citizens for Serbian visas. Please bear in mind that foreigners who do not comply with the following conditions cannot enter Serbia:
•    have a valid passport;
•    have sufficient funds to support the living in Serbia;
•    if he or she has a criminal record;
•    have a health insurance covering the medical cost of EUR 20,000;
•    traveling with minor children and having a certificate in this sense.

What happens if I don’t declare the visit purposes in Serbia?

If the immigration authorities and particularly the border officers in Serbia have reasonable doubts that the visitors have other traveling purposes then the ones declared, they can reject the entrance in this country. The authorities can perform an inspection in this sense and verify the following:
•    the passport and the identification card;
•    the tickets and the hotel booking;
•    other relevant documents which need to the provided by the foreign citizen.
For all the legal aspects about how to emigrate in Serbia, please feel free to contact our law firm in Serbia.