Virtual office in Serbia

Virtual Office in Serbia

Updated on Tuesday 29th May 2018

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Virtual-office-in-Serbia.jpgA virtual office in Serbia is a service directed to foreigners who want to simplify the costs of a business and to operate on the market without having to set up a traditional office. Foreigners can receive varied solutions for their businesses through a virtual office Serbia. Our Serbian lawyers are at your disposal for support in establishing a company in Serbia and can provide you with the necessary information about how to receive virtual office services. Foreign entrepreneurs should observe the legislation related to investments in Serbia before opening a business.

Types of services provided by a virtual office in Serbia

Virtual office services can be offered in Belgrade or in any major city in Serbia, and foreigners can benefit from a wide range of solutions, such as:
  • a notable business address necessary for credibility in front of clients;
  • a local phone number offered at the same time with the business address;
  • complete services for phone answering and call forwarding on request;
  • the collection of mail and correspondence as part of the virtual office services;
  • dedicated fax services and also voicemail in the same package.
We remind that virtual office services have low costs compared to a traditional office. Likewise, this type of office addresses to foreign businessmen who want to set up a business in Serbia and control it from abroad.

Why do I need virtual office services in Serbia?

The cheaper price and central location are the main reasons why foreign investors choose virtual office services in Serbia. This type of service usually addresses to enterprises from abroad interested in entering new markets. Legal assistance linked to a virtual office in Serbia can be explained by our attorneys in Serbia.

What are the advantages of a virtual office in Serbia?

Among the advantages of a virtual office in Serbia, we mention the low costs compared to the ones linked to a traditional office. It is good to know that a virtual office can help small and medium foreign entrepreneurs establish their business in Dubai at a fraction of costs for a normal office. If the company develops, the owners can consider renting or buying a traditional office for their future operations. Likewise, virtual office packages in Serbia can be immediately provided and ready to be used in less than 24 hours. 

Why should I buy virtual office services in Serbia?

If you would like to present your activities in a professional manner, a virtual office is recommended where a virtual assistant will be allocated and in charge of dealing with your future clients and business partners. Phone calls, faxes, emails forwarding and back statement collection on request can be part of the virtual office services a business person can receive at the time of company incorporation in Serbia. For a better understanding of the virtual office packages we can provide for you, please address your inquiries to our team of attorneys in Serbia.

Virtual office setup in Serbia

If you consider that your business can be managed through a virtual office in Serbia before expanding to a traditional one, several options should be observed in this sense. For instance, among the facilities, such virtual office can offer are the phone system and a physical postal address which can be used for different business meetings and storage for the company’s documents. It is good to know that a virtual office in Serbia can deal and forward the bank statements, on request.
We invite you to contact our law firm in Serbia and ask more details about the domiciliation in Serbia and related conditions.