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Citizenship by Marriage in Serbia

Updated on Saturday 03rd September 2022

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Citizenship by marriage in Serbia.jpgSerbian citizenship by marriage can be obtained quite easily if you consider the current legislation of this country. For example, if you have been married to a Serbian citizen for over 3 years, then you can apply for Serbian citizenship by marriage. Although it may seem like a fairly simple process, legal advice is still needed to ensure that all formalities are followed. Here, our experienced immigration lawyers in Serbia can help you. In addition, if you want to relocate to Serbia, you can discuss all aspects with us.

Serbian citizenship by marriage - What you need to consider

As mentioned above, Serbian citizenship by marriage is obtained if the applicant has already been married to a Serbian citizen for at least three years. In addition, if permanent residence is obtained, then the process will be quite easy. We present below some details on how to obtain citizenship by marriage in Serbia:
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs in Serbia is the institution that accepts applications for Serbian citizenship by marriage.
  • Proof of permanent residence in Serbia must be provided.
  • Applicants must make a statement declaring why they want the Serbian citizenship.
  • Regarding the necessary documents, applicants must prepare copies of the birth certificate, the marriage certificate, the identity document, proof of payment of the tax, among others.
We remind you that the process of obtaining Serbian citizenship by marriage can be completely managed by our lawyers in Serbia. Our team has experience in immigration issues, so if you want to move to Serbia and find out the citizenship formalities, do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Serbia.

How is permanent residency in Serbia obtained?

The permanent residence permit in Serbia can be obtained by foreign citizens who prove that they have lived in this country for at least 5 years. Normally, after obtaining this status, they can successfully apply for Serbian citizenship. In the case of foreigners who marry people from Serbia, they have to go through simpler formalities. For example, they must have lived in the country for at least 3 years, and then to apply for Serbian citizenship by marriage.
The permanent residence permit in Serbia involves certain formalities regarding the documents, and among them are the birth certificate, a valid passport, details about income, but also about the domicile address, either held or rented. Those who want to immigrate to Serbia and need a residence permit should get in touch with our Serbian lawyers for legal advice. We are here to help you with immigration to Serbia and related formalities.

Short facts about how to immigrate to Serbia

Those who want to move to Serbia must comply with applicable formalities and laws. If foreigners in the European Union do not need a visa to enter Serbia for 180 days, in the case of those outside the Union and the Schengen areas they must apply for the necessary visa, depending on the reason they want to enter this country. It is important to note that immigration authorities in Serbia may conduct a series of checks before issuing visas to foreigners. For example, if they have a criminal history, they can be rejected, and therefore can no longer enter Serbia.
Once a visa has been obtained for Serbia, foreigners must apply for a temporary residence permit and register with local authorities. Otherwise, various penalties may apply. But to avoid these problems, it is better to talk to our lawyers in Serbia and find out about our legal services.

Immigration to Serbia

According to, Serbia receives about 40,000 immigrants each year. Many of them come from countries such as Bangladesh or Pakistan, with the intention of finding better living conditions, education, and health services. Here are other interesting statistics about immigration to Serbia:
  1. About 7,000 immigrants were registered in Serbia in 2020.
  2. More than 16% of foreigners registered in Serbia obtained residence permits in 2018.
  3. More than 52,000 residence permits were registered in Serbia between 2013 and 2018.
  4. In the period 2012-2017, Serbia offered over 9,000 citizenships.

Working with our Serbian lawyers

Whether you want to open a business in Serbia and need a visa or you want to move to Serbia and obtain a residence permit, it is recommended that you work with our immigration lawyers. Professionalism, efficiency, and transparency are among the attributes we rely on when working with foreign clients.
So, if you want more details about Serbian citizenship by marriage, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Serbia.