Immigrate to Serbia from South Africa

Immigrate to Serbia from South Africa

Updated on Sunday 21st November 2021

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Immigrate to Serbia from South Africa.jpgSouth African citizens who want to visit or move to Serbia need to respect the visa requirements and other immigration rules. One can apply for a short stay visa or for a long-term visa, depending on the purpose and length of stay in Serbia. The legal aspects of a visa application can be entirely explained by our Serbian lawyers. The same team can help citizens from South Africa to start a business in Serbia or to relocate the existing one.

How can I obtain a visa for Serbia?

The C visa is issued for short stays in Serbia and has a validity of up to 90 days. Besides having a valid passport, South Africans must fill out the visa application forms provided by the Serbia authorities. Proof of the flight return ticket, accommodation in Serbia, and personal finances are also part of the visa application. One should note that if there is no accommodation available for applicants, the Serbian authorities require an invitation letter which is normally issued by the person who invites the South African citizen in Serbia, or by the company if it is a business purpose visit. In any case, the invitation letter should confirm the visit and must comprise all the personal information that is also found on the passport.
In the case of a long-term visa for Serbia, this has a validity of up to 180 days and can be issued if the applicant has an invitation letter, a health insurance for the entire stay in the country, plus proof of sufficient funds, at least EUR 50/day. Here are other requirements to know about visas for Serbia:
  • If you want to work in Serbia, a copy of the employment contract or any agreement will be solicited as part of a Serbian visa application.
  • In the case of specialization or scientific research, visa applicants from South Africa need to provide a certificate of enrollment.
  • South African citizens looking for medical treatments in Serbia need to present a letter issued by the Serbian medical institution.
Feel free to ask for legal advice and assistance if you want to immigrate to Serbia from South Africa. All the visa aspects can be explained by our legal consultants, as they can help you move to Serbia.

Rules for staying in Serbia

Besides having the required visa, whether for short or long stays in Serbia, citizens from South Africa must register with the local authorities right away. This means that South Africans must register at the local police station within 24 hours from the time of the arrival in Serbia. One should note that if the company or an organization made the arrangements for the trip or relocation to Serbia, the registration with the local authorities will be handled by the same persons or institutions. South African citizens must respect the visa and residency requirements imposed in Serbia. Legal assistance is provided from the start by our Serbian lawyers for those who want to relocate to Serbia.

Applying for a residence permit in Serbia

If you intend to stay in Serbia for a short period of time, a temporary residence permit is required, according to the immigration laws of this country. South African citizens who register with the local authorities can apply for a residence permit for Serbia, completing specific forms provided by the authorities. The formalities are quite simple and a residence permit can be easily obtained, with complete support offered by our attorneys in Serbia.

Company relocation in Serbia

Business owners from South Africa can easily relocate a company to Serbia or even start a new one from scratch. In the case of relocation, the de-registration of the firm from South Africa is required and it represents the first step. This stage implies a series of documents among which, the ones of the company, of the owners, and a declaration stating the relocation to Serbia. The process of company relocation from South Africa to Serbia is not complex and can be entirely overseen by our Serbian lawyers. You can find out all the legal aspects referring to business in Serbia from our specialists. We gathered a few facts and figures about the population of Serbia, as presented by
  • More than 8.71 million people live in Serbia.
  • Around 57% represents the urban population in Serbia.
  • Serbia represents around 0.11% of the total population of the world.
Would you like to know more about how to immigrate from South Africa to Serbia? You are invited to contact our team of lawyers in Serbia and discuss all the legal aspects regarding visas, residency, work permits, and more. Our agents can also help South African citizens start a business in Serbia.