Land Registry in Serbia

Land Registry in Serbia

Updated on Wednesday 16th November 2022

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Land-Registry-in-Serbia.jpgThe Land Registry in Serbia allows both nationals and foreigners obtain information about the real estate properties in this country, starting with the ownership and ending with any legal issues. The same authority is in charge of registering real estate proprietors. Investors in Serbia can consider purchasing properties in this state but in complete compliance with the rules and regulations imposed by the law. If you want to purchase and register your properties in Serbia and need to know all the legal aspects involved, it is suggested to ask our Serbia lawyers for legal advice and assistance in this direction.

Legislation for properties in Serbia

Foreigners who want to set up their operations through companies in Serbia can rent office spaces or can buy properties if they want. Before making any movement in this sense, foreign investors must first of all register a company in Serbia and provide the necessary information about their activities before acquiring land or properties in Serbia. Limited liability companies, branches, subsidiaries or representative offices can be established by foreigners in Serbia, in order to purchase real estate properties. The Real Estate Law in Serbia stands at the base of any property ownership and rights in this country and represents an important set of laws which must be respected by both nationals and foreigners interested in buying land or properties in Serbia, except for the ones state-owned. The following real estate assets can enter into foreign ownership right after the legal acquisition:
•    business buildings;
•    apartments;
•    garages;
•    parking lots;
•    land plots;
•    business premises.
From a legal point of view, all real estate acquisitions should be attentively verified in order to avoid any possible conflicts or ownership infringements. In this sense, a real estate due diligence might be the proper solution for foreign investors in Serbia. Our attorneys in Serbia can perform real estate due diligence on request.
The process of immigration to Serbia can be quite simple if you seek the help of experienced lawyers. Thus, we recommend the legal services of our specialists, who can take care of the paperwork for Serbian visas, residence and work permit. We will ensure that there will be no procedural errors or missing documents throughout the relocation process.

Registering a property in Serbia

Properties bought in Serbia can be registered in any city through the local Land Registry offices which are also known as the real estate cadastre. This institution contains both legal and technical data of properties in Serbia. The documentation for property registration in Serbia must comprise the following:
•    the documents of the property, land, apartment for purchase;
•    the background history;
•    the title of ownership;
•    the identification card or the owners and future owners;
•    the provision authorizing registration offered by the seller;
•    the sale contract.
It is good to know that all real estate transactions which involve foreigners must respect the Serbian laws. As soon as the documents have been accepted at the Land Registry, the title of ownership is passed to the new owner.
The legal terms in property purchase in Serbia can be explained by our Serbian law firm, so please feel free to contact us.