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Digital Nomad Visa in Serbia

Updated on Saturday 03rd September 2022

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digital nomad in serbia
Serbian digital nomad visa is addressed to foreigners who want to work remotely from this country. Basically, this type of visa is a temporary residence permit for foreigners interested in this type of work. The Law on Employment of Foreigners contains the conditions for work from home for foreigners, and one of our immigration lawyers in Serbia can offer you legal advice in this regard. We mention that the program is still in progress and that it is addressed to all nationalities.

What are the formalities for digital nomad visa in Serbia?

Even though Serbia is not in the EU or the Schengen Area, the country offers the possibility to obtain a digital nomad visa in Serbia. Here are some of the conditions, recalling that this program is still under discussion at the table of the authorities:
  • You can apply for a temporary residence visa if you want to stay in Serbia for more than 3 months.
  • Sole proprietorship visa is valid for one year and is another digital nomad visa option in Serbia.
  • Authorities are seeking proof of residence in Serbia on a lease.
  • Health insurance is required to apply for Serbian digital nomad visa.
  • You need to open a bank account in Serbia and deposit a sum of money to activate it.
  • You will be asked for a valid passport, but also to fill in a standard form provided by the immigration service.
As mentioned earlier, Serbian digital nomad visa is the same as temporary residence visa. You can discuss issues related to Serbian digital nomad visa with one of our lawyers in Serbia. We can help with immigration to Serbia and the formalities imposed.

Average costs for Serbian digital nomad visa

Foreigners can also apply for sole proprietorship visas if they want to run their own business in Serbia, as digital nomads. If for temporary residence visa you need to deposit approximately EUR 500 in a local bank account, for sole proprietorship it is around EUR 260. Here are other costs:
  • Registration tax for sole proprietorship visa - Around EUR 15.
  • Fee for temporary residence permit - Around USD 110.
You can discuss more about Serbian digital nomad visa with our immigration lawyers in Serbia. We can deal with the formalities involved in the process of obtaining a digital nomad visa in Serbia.

Is there a required monthly income for digital nomad visa in Serbia?

Yes, even though the digital nomad visa in Serbia is a program still under debate, the authorities impose a monthly salary of about EUR 3,500. Basically, this would be the main condition for applying for and obtaining a Serbian digital nomad visa.

Why choose Serbia for digital nomad visa in Serbia

Serbia offers optimal conditions for those who want to work remotely or take care of their business away from home. In addition to low costs for rent, transportation and food, Serbia has other benefits:
  • The internet speed is about 69 Mbps, which places Serbia 55th in the world.
  • Mobile internet can cost between USD 5 and USD 10.
  • Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is preferred by digital nomads for optimal remote working conditions.
  • The rent for one-bedroom apartment does not exceed USD 400.
  • You can also rent working spaces for about USD 12 per day.

Why work with our Serbian lawyers

First of all, the digital nomad visa in Serbia has a pending status. This means that some formalities may be changed. To ensure that you comply with the required conditions, we invite you to work with our Serbian lawyers. They have experience in immigration issues and can handle cases of foreigners wishing to relocate to Serbia.
Interested in more details about Serbian digital nomad visa? You can contact us by phone or online and discover the legal services offer by our law firm in Serbia. We can discuss all the legal aspects about immigration to Serbia.