Obtain Information About Serbian Companies

Obtain Information About Serbian Companies

Updated on Wednesday 26th February 2020

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obtain information about serbian companies.jpgA company in Serbia can be established in complete agreement with the applicable laws, and especially the Company Act. The Serbian Trade Register is the institution that handles the incorporation process of a company in Serbia. The same authority can grant access to a wide range of company information if requests are made. One of our lawyers in Serbia can provide immediate legal assistance and support for those interested in starting a business in this country and also for persons interested in information about the existing companies.

What kind of information can I obtain from the Serbian Trade Register?

As above-mentioned, complete information about all the companies in Serbia is found at the Serbian Trade Register, also known as the Serbian Business Registers Agency. This institution can be accessed online on the official platform, a place where natural and legal persons can find out information about particular companies registered in Serbia. Here are some details about the type of information public users can obtain by accessing the Serbian Trade Register:
  1. Information about the owners of a company, their nationality, and residence.
  2. The date of incorporation of a company in Serbia.
  3. The activities and the business address of a firm registered in Serbia.
  4. Information about the accounts and statements, plus details about any company changes.
  5. Details about the company debts, if any.
Besides the above-mentioned details, information about the profits, the losses and the statuses of firms in Serbia can be solicited by making a request to the Serbian Trade Register. It is important to know that specific information might be accessed under special conditions and for a particular fee. The company records can be received whether on email or viewed online, both methods being available for public users. You should also bear in mind that our Serbian lawyers can give full support for those interested in accessing company information. We are at your service with complete legal assistance and support, so feel free to address your requests to us.

Who can access information about companies in Serbia?

Any natural or juridical person can be interested in certain company information and can access the database provided by the Trade Register in Serbia. The operations of a firm, the profit, and losses, details about the shareholders and the invested capital, about any litigation cases or about the company debts are among the type of information that can be easily accessed by the public. We remind you that a detailed record of a company might be subject to a specific fee. Instead of dealing with possible errors or misunderstandings, it is best to have the support of a team of attorneys in Serbia.

Types of companies you can open in Serbia

The limited liability company is the main business form that can be easily established by domestic and foreign investors in Serbia. For a minimum share capital of EUR 500 deposited in a local bank account, your limited liability company, or DOO as it is known, can be incorporated with the Serbia Trade Register. There is also the possibility of registering a limited or a general partnership in Serbia, based on a legal agreement signed by the partners involved. Joint-stock companies are also at the disposal of large companies in Serbia, with the mention that the minimum share capital requirements change: EUR 10,000 for closed joint-stock companies or EUR 25,000 for open joint-stock companies in Serbia. Some might be interested in acting as sole traders in Serbia, the simplest business form available in the country. All the business structures in Serbia must provide the Articles of Association, a set of documents with information about the owners, the activities, general rules, etc. Such documents are then submitted to the Serbian Trade Register, the institution in charge of company incorporation in this country. Below you can find interesting information about the business and the economy direction of Serbia:
  • Approximately EUR 39,833 million was the total FDI stock registered in Serbia in 2018;
  • The 2020 Doing Business report ranks Serbia 44th out of 190 worldwide economies;
  • The total FDI stock for 2018 represented around 78.6% of the total GDP in Serbia;
  • Most of the investments made in 2018 in Serbia came from European countries – Switzerland and Russia are the main investors.
If you would like to know more about how to access information about the existing companies in Serbia, please feel free to contact our law firm in Serbia.