Purchase a Company in Serbia

Purchase a Company in Serbia

Updated on Sunday 26th January 2020

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Purchase-a-Company-in-Serbia.jpgBearing in mind the positive business climate of Serbia, many foreign investors decide to set up businesses here or purchase ready-made ones for which there is no need to worry about customers, the status on the market and collaborators.  The assistance in company purchase in Serbia can be offered by our Serbian lawyers throughout the entire procedure.

Acquiring a ready-made company in Serbia

An easy solution for business persons interested in a fast entrance on the Serbian market is the purchase of a ready-made company or shelf company as it is known. This represents a legal business entity already registered with the authorities but without recording any financial or trading activities. Such businesses can be met in any sectors in Serbia and can enter the market as soon as the ownership is established, in this case, when the foreign investor decides to buy such type of company. This is a suitable option for business persons who want to avoid the waiting time for company registration with the authorities in charge. It is good to know that the owners of ready-made companies in Serbia can appoint the board of managers and can change the business address if they want to. Virtual office services can be received on request from our team of attorneys in Serbia.

Advantages of a ready-made company in Serbia

There are numerous benefits of buying a company in Serbia instead of registering a new one. The business person can bring the operations from overseas and can continue them with the purchased company in Serbia. Shelf companies or ready-made companies in Serbia are the right solutions for a fast incorporation and operation on the market, even if the owner wants to enforce several improvements in the business regarding the staff and future plans which must meet the scheduled resources and goals in this sense.
As a recommendation, entrepreneurs should solicit legal support from our Serbian attorneys in order to analyze the price of the acquisition, and to avoid overpaying or related issues. Feasibility studies and company due diligence can be obtained on request. You should also ask information about how to obtain an EORI number in Serbia.
We invite you to contact our law firm in Serbia for legal assistance and further information when purchasing a company.