Legal Services in Serbia

Legal Services in Serbia

Updated on Friday 27th January 2023

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Legal Services in SerbiaA business person interested in opening a company in Serbia should understand and respect the legislation which stands at the base of incorporation. Knowing the regulations before entering the Serbian market is the starting point to success in varied environments. Our lawyers in Serbia are at your disposal with comprehensive information and legal services necessary for doing business in the country. Company formation, debt collection, tax advice, company management, company liquidation or corporate litigation are only a few of the areas our advisors can take care of from a legal point of view.


Setting up a company in Serbia

Investors who want to be part of the business environment in Serbia may set up their companies with the legal support offered by our attorneys. The complete incorporation process is subject to fewer formalities and can be supervised by our team. It is good to know that foreigners can register a company in Serbia without having to be present or to relocate in the country, as our lawyers can act on their behalf with the help of a power of attorney, a legal document which can be easily issued for such cases. Our team knows the regulations and conditions imposed by the Serbian authorities and may represent the suitable option for a better communication between the parties involved.
Would you like to immigrate to Serbia? We suggest you check the entry formalities in this country, considering the support of our lawyers in Serbia with experience in such procedures. You will need a visa to enter this country, as well as a residence and work permit. The formalities can be completely managed by our specialists, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Debt collection in Serbia


Companies in Serbia may face difficulties in recovering debts. It is good to know that there are 3 types of debt collection agencies as mentioned by the Serbian Law which comprises several methods for collecting debts. In compliance with the rules and regulations related, our lawyers can represent you in the court of laws in Serbia, if it is the case.
Interested in residency in Serbia? Our recommendation is to turn to our team of lawyers specialized in immigration issues. Applicants must present health insurance, as well as proof of the new residence and personal funds. We will help you prepare the necessary documents and we will make sure that there will be no legal problems from this point of view.

Tax advice and planning services

Specific rules and regulations apply to Serbian companies in terms of taxation. The provisions of the fiscal laws have to be reflected in the policy of your company. Furthermore, there are many treaties for the avoidance of double taxation that Serbia signed, from which your company may benefit. A local law firm in Serbia can advise you on fiscal matters and offer you financial planning services for your business.

Corporate litigation in Serbia

Your company in Serbia can find itself in a legal dispute with another party which has to be settled through a litigation process. Depending on the complexity of the case, a litigation procedure may last from six months to several years. Our Serbian lawyers can provide you legal support for negotiation or court representation in order to facilitate dispute resolution.

Company liquidation in Serbia

According to the Law on Business Companies, there are specific procedures to follow in order to liquidate a company in Serbia. State authorities and different credit institutions are usually involved in the process of company liquidation. A close collaboration with a team of attorneys in Serbia is advisable in this type of situation.


Mergers and acquisitions in Serbia

Legal support can be offered by our team in cases of mergers and acquisitions in Serbia. A professional guidance before making any movement is mandatory, especially if you are a foreign businessman who is not familiar with the Serbian laws in this matter. Our team can negotiate the terms on your behalf and can explain the rules which stand at the base of mergers and acquisitions in Serbia.

Special licenses and permits in Serbia


Many business activities in Serbia may require particular types of licenses and permits in order to legally activate on the market. We mention that our law firm in Serbia may help entrepreneurs with legal support in documents matters which need to be submitted to the authorities in charge of issuing such authorizations.

Business consulting in Serbia

Small, medium or large companies in Serbia, whether established with foreign capital or not, should solicit business consulting services if they intend to expand or need to know how to attract reliable partners. Furthermore,  investment assistance, and financial planning are among services which can be offered in Serbia with the help of our attorneys. You may also request information about the business environment and the regulations that a foreign entrepreneur need to consider and respect before establishing the operations in Serbia.
Are you interested in citizenship in Serbia? Our lawyers can explain the formalities and legal aspects involved. If you want to make investments to gain this status faster, you can prepare the amount of EUR 500,000, develop a business and employ at least 4 people of Serbian nationality. You can discover more aspects from our experienced team on immigration issues.

We kindly invite you to contact our Serbian attorneys for any legal issue of your interest. They will promptly offer you reliable assistance in compliance with your requirements.