Employment Law in Serbia

Employment Law in Serbia

Updated on Wednesday 16th November 2022

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Employment-Law-in-Serbia.jpgThe Employment and Labor Law in Serbia stipulates the rights and benefits of employees regarding the compensations, maternity, work description, the type of employment, the duration of the contract, the working hours, holidays and the termination of the contract under certain terms and conditions. Also, the same law mentions the entitlements and the responsibilities of an employer in Serbia through an employment contract. The legal aspects of work contracts in Serbia can be entirely explained by our Serbian lawyers.

Details about the employment contract in Serbia

Local or foreign employees can choose a full-time or a part-time job in Serbia for which they can receive and sign a limited or an unlimited employment contract, as agreed with the employer. There are certain categories of jobs in Serbia, such as:
occasional or temporary worker, not exceeding 120 days per year;
trainers with agreements for professional improvement in a company;
service convention for work outside the employer’s business field;
additional work which involves employees registered with a full-time contract with another employer.
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What does a work contract contain?

According to the Employment and Labor Law in Serbia, the work agreements offer all the information about the rights of an employee and the responsibilities of the company that hires the staff. The following details can be found in a legal work contract in Serbia:
the name of the company and of the employee;
the job description;
the type of employment contract;
the salary;
the working hours;
referrals to the collective agreement;
maternity leave, where applicable;
It is good to know that the labor agreement comprises details about the probation period of 6 months, and furthermore, the employer can terminate the contract within a five-day notification in this sense, if the terms are not respected by both parts from a professional point of view.
If you would like to know more details about the Employment Law in Serbia, or if you need legal service for your future activities in this state, please do not hesitate to contact our Serbian law firm.