Obtain Work Permit in Serbia

Obtain Work Permit in Serbia

Updated on Sunday 11th December 2022

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Obtain-Work-Permit-in-Serbia.jpgForeigners who want to work in Serbia must know that they have the same rights as the nationals employed in this country, according to the Law on Employment of Foreign Citizens in the Republic of Serbia, the main law that supervises this field. To legally perform activities in this country, a work permit is necessary at the time of registration as an employee. The legal aspects must be observed in this sense, and detailed information can be provided by our immigration lawyers in Serbia. They can help you with the formalities of immigration to Serbia.

Conditions for work permit applications in Serbia

According to the Law on Employment of Foreign Citizens in the Republic of Serbia, foreigners who want to work in this country must, first of all, obtain a temporary or a permanent residence permit and also the work permit which gives the right to legally perform activities just like the Serbian citizens. There are two types of work permits in Serbia, with the following characteristics:
  • the personal work permit is issued for foreigners with permanent residence in Serbia, or for the ones with a refugee status. This is also issued for foreigners with Serbian family connections; Our lawyers can tell ypu more on this topic and about how to move to Serbia.
  • the simple work permit for employment is issued in respect to the labor conditions on the market for foreigners who must fill in the positions in a company for which they applied from abroad. Immigration to Serbia enters the attention of our advisors.
Knowing the legal aspects of work permit applications in Serbia can help foreigners obtain the necessary documents in a fast manner. Here is an infographic about how to immigrate to Serbia and obtain a work permit:
How to obtain a work permit in Serbia1.png

Other types of work permits in Serbia

The authorities in Serbia also issue other types of work permits for certain categories of foreign employees, such as:
  • work permits for special cases of employment dedicated to independent professionals, company transfer personnel, or assigned staff;
  • work permits for self-employment for foreigners with a temporary residence in Serbia who want to perform activities as sole traders. Our immigration lawyers in Serbia are at your disposal with comprehensive and essential support if you want  to relocate to Serbia.
It is good to know that once the work permit for self-employment is issued, the foreigner must commence the activities within 90 days. There are also employment cases which do require work permits in Serbia, like the ones in which the foreigner has residency for less than 90 days or a foreigner is a shareholder or a legal representative of a Serbian institution. More on this topic and about how to move to Serbia can be discussed with our specialists.
Foreigners who want legal advice for immigration to Serbia can contact our lawyers. With the necessary experience in immigration matters, they can take care of the formalities involved, including the documents required by the authorities. In addition to the visa, you will also need a work and residence permit that can be issued at the same time. We, therefore, invite people interested in these procedures to contact our Serbian team of lawyers.
We invite you to get in touch with our law firm in Serbia for legal guidance and information about how to obtain a work permit in Serbia. You can be helped if you want to relocate to Serbia.