Road Transportation Law in Serbia

Road Transportation Law in Serbia

Updated on Wednesday 03rd October 2018

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Road Transportation Law in Serbia.jpgDeveloping an efficient transportation system in Serbia has been in the attention of the authorities for many years because the impact on the economy is enormous and highly appreciated. It is a well-known fact that the infrastructure in Serbia sustains the business alliances with financial centers worldwide and the legislation in this matter comes in the attention of foreign investors who are interested in opening trading companies in this country. A proper understanding of the regulations in this matter might help entrepreneurs set up their companies in a fast and reliable manner, and legal support can be provided by our team of lawyers in Serbia.

What are the authorities that supervise the transport activities in Serbia?

There are four main regulatory bodies in Serbia governing the transportation activities in this state, as follows:
  • the Port Governance Agency which was established in 2013;
  • the Road Traffic Safety Agency that commenced the activities in 2010;
  • the Authority for Transportation of Dangerous Goods that was created in 2013;
  • the authority for Determination of Seaworthiness which was opened in 2010.
The above-mentioned authorities in Serbia supervise the transportation activities of local and foreign companies dealing with import and export operations, and the ways in which they respect the applicable legislation. Besides that, the same bodies need to improve the transit transport and to diminish the negative effects on the environment in Serbia

Synchronizing the local legislation with the EU directives

Even if Serbia is not an EU member, the authorities are in complete process of harmonizing the existing legislation with the ones imposed by the European Union. Several laws are ruling the transportation sector in Serbia and its main fields: railways and intermodal transport, air transport, inland waterborne transport and safety of navigation, plus the road traffic safety. Investors from abroad are welcomed to Serbia to sustain the country’s infrastructure projects aiming to develop the intermodal transportation among many others.
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