Register a Trademark in Serbia - Updated for 2021

Register a Trademark in Serbia

Updated on Wednesday 16th November 2022

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Register a Trademark in Serbia.jpgThe registration of a trademark in Serbia is subject to a series of conditions, and among these, having a Serbian registered trademark lawyer acting on your behalf with a power of attorney. There is no restriction regarding the type of trademark and logo as long as they are not offensive. Entrepreneurs wanting to start a business in Serbia and to register the trademark are invited to address their inquiries to our team of lawyers in Serbia for legal advice.

Types of trademarks in Serbia

3D shapes, slogans, images, words, color combinations, numbers, drawings and all sorts of graphic designs can be registered as trademarks in Serbia, in any kind of combination. The registration of a trademark in Serbia is made with the Intellectual Property Office in Serbia and its local agencies. Here are some important details you need to know about trademarks in Serbia and the conditions imposed:
  • a trademark can be registered by natural or legal persons in Serbia.
  • a certification trademark can be used by companies in Serbia, in strict control of the trademark holder.
  • a collective trademark can be used by legal persons representing associations or services providers in Serbia.
  • a trademark search is mandatory before registration, and this service costs around RSD 2,000.
  • just like numerous countries, Serbia is part of the Nice agreement referring to the classification of products and services and their trademarks.
It is important to have a trademark search before any logo and intellectual rights registration in order to see if there are similar trademarks or not. We remind that any legal entity or natural person having trading activities in Serbia can register a trademark with the Intellectual Property Office in Serbia.

How do I register a trademark in Serbia in 2021?

The registration of a trademark in Serbia starts with filling the IPO form available on the official website of the Intellectual Property Office. One must prepare and show the mark or logo they want to register, plus the list of products and services in which the business will activate. We remind that besides the submission of the trademark application, the graphical representation must comprise clear details, such as name, color, shape, etc., and needs to be printed and submitted with the registration application. In terms of costs, the trademark registration procedure is around RSD 14,060. As for the fee for having the trademark available for 10 years, one must pay approximately RSD 28,130.
Foreigners who want to immigrate to Serbia can contact our local lawyers for legal aspects related to formalities. Paperwork referring to visa issuance and residence permit comes to the attention of our specialists. Also, there are a series of relocation procedures that can be explained in detail by our lawyers, to ensure you a process without complexities. Therefoe, contact us for any issue you want to solve.

Trademark registration in Serbia – How much does it take

The Trademark Department will have to verify all the documents and give a response in a timeframe of around 15 or maximum 30 days from the date of trademark application. A formal examination will determine if the request is properly made if the logo and the elements are not offensive and if the trademark is not already used by someone else. Once the trademark is registered, it has a validity of 10 years and then the possibility of renewing it for an unlimited time. All the legal aspects of trademark registration in Serbia can be explained by our team of attorneys in Serbia who can act on your behalf with a power of attorney and make all the necessary arrangements in this sense.

The priority right for trademark applications in Serbia

The priority for the examination procedure of a trademark in Serbia can be solicited for a certain fee if you would like a fast registration of the logo. This is known as priority right and you can obtain the certificate of registration for a fee of RSD 1680. Foreign entrepreneurs wanting to open a company in Serbia and register a trademark are suggested to ask for the legal support of a Serbian lawyer who can represent them with a power of attorney. It is also recommended to apply for priority right and cut the term for issuing the trademark registration certificate. This way, you can start your business in Serbia in a fast manner. If you decide on starting a business in Serbia, you might find interesting the following information:
  1. $129,000 billion is the GDP expected for 2019 in Serbia.
  2. There are already more than 85,000 companies established in Serbia in 2019.
  3. There were more than 6,300 international trademark registrations in Serbia between 2007 and 2016.
  4. There were aproximatelly 6,000 trademark applications made by foreign companies in Serbia between 2007 and 2016.
  5. If you would like to obtain the certificate that grants the industrial property right in Serbia, you must pay around RDS 3,000.


Copyrights and trademarks laws in Serbia

The laws in Serbia protect the intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs, logos, geographic indicators and so on. Besides respecting the Commercial Code and the Companies Act in Serbia, one must observe the following set of laws which controls and protects the intellectual property rights in Serbia for both companies and individuals:
  •    Law on Trademarks;
  •    Law on Copyright and Related Rights;
  •    Law on Semiconductor Circuits;
  •    Law on Patents.
At the moment, the Serbian authorities must agree on several fundaments observing the intellectual property in this country and must align in this sense with Acquis, the European Commission for common rights. We mention that Serbia applied for EU entrance, and it has to improve certain laws in accordance with the organization mentioned above.  If you are a foreign investor who wants to set up a company in Serbia, it is suggested to ask our attorneys in Serbia for legal support and information.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection in Serbia

The Serbian government is struggling to improve the protection of IPR with the help of the Coordination Body for IPR, an important organization supported by the customs, inspection services, tax authorities, and the police. The following elements are protected through IPR in Serbia but not limited to these:
  •    logos;
  •    designs;
  •    patterns;
  •    symbols;
  •    sounds; 
  •    marks.
We also mention that Serbia respects the Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, The Hague Agreement, and it is a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty since 1998.

Benefits of trademark registration in Serbia

Even though there is no legal obligation for trademark registration in Serbia, a business owner should pay attention to this aspect if he/she wants to protect the intellectual property and more. On the other hand, the trademark registration in Serbia comes with a series of advantages, like an exclusive right for use, complete protection against possible infringements or litigation, and confidence in front of future collaborators and clients who choose your operations, services, and products. Overall, the registration of a trademark in Serbia comes with numerous advantages. If you would like to know more on this topic, we suggest you get in touch with our attorneys in Serbia.

FAQ about trademarks in Serbia

1. What types of trademarks are accepted in Serbia?
Images, numbers, letters, 3D shapes, drawings, slogans, colors, and worlds are accepted as trademarks in Serbia, as long as they aren’t offensive. A verification is required prior to the registration.
2. Who can register a trademark in Serbia?
Natural persons and company owners can register a trademark in Serbia, respecting the applicable laws. One of our Serbian lawyers can explain the formalities for registering a trademark in this country. 
3. Is trademark verification required in Serbia?
Yes, our Serbian lawyers can act on your behalf and make some verifications before registering your trademark. If there are no infringements detected, your trademark can be properly registered in Serbia.
4. What is the institution that manages the registration of trademarks in Serbia?
The Intellectual Property Office in Serbia is the institution through which trademarks are registered in the country. Local and foreign company owners must align with the regulations imposed in the business sector referring to trademarks.
5. How much does it take to register a trademark in Serbia?
There is a specific verification engaged in trademark registration, so the entire application might prolong for approximately 30 days. Our Serbian lawyers can manage the registration formalities of trademarks, so make sure you address your questions to our advisors.
6. What is the validity of a trademark in Serbia?
A trademark is valid for 10 years in Serbia. Then, the owner can renew the ownership of the trademark and benefit from unlimited time. If you would like to register a trademark in Serbia, you should discuss this topic with our legal specialists.
7. Can a trademark registration be prioritized in Serbia?
Yes, if you would like to register a trademark in Serbia faster than usual, you can benefit from this service, in exchange of a fee. This is another aspect that can be properly handled by our Serbian advisors.
8. Is Serbia part of the international agreements related to trademarks?
Yes, Serbia signed several agreements referring to trademark and intellectual property protection. The Hague Agreement, the Berne Convention, and the Paris Convention are the most important treaties signed by Serbia.
9. Do I need to register the trademark before opening a company in Serbia?
It is suggested to register your trademark prior to incorporation of a company in Serbia. However, the application can start at the same time as the business formation in Serbia, to make sure all the formalities are respected.
10. Why should I ask for legal advice in trademark registration in Serbia?
International entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Serbia must have a clear picture of the regulations of trademark registration. This is where a Serbian lawyer can offer in-depth guidance and assistance, mentioning that the regulations can be explained from the start.

Working with our Serbian lawyers

Looking for specialized support in business formation in Serbia? It is time to meet our Serbian lawyers with experience in this field. International entrepreneurs who want to do business in Serbia should familiarize themselves with the applicable legislation prior to any company registration. This is a matter where our lawyers in Serbia can help. You can rely on confidence and complete professionalism when working with our advisors in Serbia, who can cover a wide range of business-related matters:
  • Trademark registration in Serbia.
  • Tax compliance and registration.
  • Business formation.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Debt collection.
  • Special licenses and permits.
  • Business consulting.
  • Business management.
  • Investment legislation.
  • Immigration matters.
Please feel free to talk to one of our specialists and find out more about how to register a trademark in Serbia. You can contact our law firm in Serbia and ask for legal advice.