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Lawyers in Serbia
Lawyers in Serbia
Legal services in Serbia

Lawyers in Serbia

We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Litigation cases

Our attorneys will represent you in litigations in local courts.

Open a company

We can help you set up any type of company available in Serbia.


Do you need permits/license for your business? Contact us.

Company liquidation

Legal assistance for company dissolution, according to local rules.

Debt collection

Our lawyers will help you recover any type of debt in Serbia.

Tax advice/planning

Do you want to know how to minimize the taxes you have to pay? Contact us.

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Serbia Law Firm

Serbia Law Firm

Updated on Tuesday 27th June 2017

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For the successful resolution of any legal problem, our law firm in Serbia rely on professionalism, confidentiality in the relationship with their clients, a high level of legal knowledge, creativity, dynamism and adaptability.

Our lawyers work in Serbia combines professional training and experience in order to address to each client with responsibility for all the projects launched by them.

We believe that our law firm`s services characterized by professionalism and ethics meet the highest standards and individualize our work on the Serbian market of legal services.

Our team of lawyers is specialized in corporate and commercial issues and advice clients across Serbia. They are motivated, very well informed and focused on the client`s needs. Our lawyers in Serbia have a high level of expertise in all legal sectors and are proactive in finding the best solutions and constructive advice.

Our law firm in Serbia will help you successfully resolve any legal issue and will help you become more competitive in your industry and our lawyers will facilitate your interaction with the Serbian state authorities, with other companies and with your own clients.

We also sustain and assist you in any case of litigation in order to obtain the best result for your company.

Opening a company in Serbia

The main activity of our law firm in Serbia is the provision of legal consulting for companies in various legal issues that our clients face during the activity of their company.

We offer our services since the beginning of your business in Serbia, by providing consultancy for incorporation of you company, drafting the articles of incorporation, establish and transfer the share capital, capital increase and reduction, establish the headquarters, as well as other matters related to the procedure of opening a company in Serbia.

Depending on the activity your company performs in Serbia, our lawyers can deal with obtaining special permits and licenses from the competent authorities. If your company employs foreign citizens they will need a work permit in order to be employed in Serbia. Our law firm can apply for work permits with the National Employment Office on your behalf and draw the employment contracts.

In order to sustain your business in the following phases, our law firm in Serbia are able to perform editing, modifying and monitoring the performance of all types of internal and international commercial contracts and drafting legal opinions on any legal matters arising in the course of the commercial activity of your company.

We solve your debt collection problems

Our law firm in Serbia provide services for debt recovery, following the procedures from the amiable settlement to the court trial and by the enforcement procedures, as provided by the Serbian Law.

In this legal filed we distinguish by our lawyers experience and skills and also by the large number of debt collection cases we solved.

Our lawyers in Serbia are a reliable partner, engaged in continuing the mediation with the debtor for the quickest way to recover your past-due claims. We can also provide you with commercial third party collections, international collecting services and receivable outsourcing.   

Our law firm in Serbia also represent their clients in cases concerning the debtor’s insolvency procedure and our lawyers in Serbia conduct the proceedings under the Serbian Law until the reorganization of the company or bankruptcy proceedings and any litigation derived from previous actions.

We are experts in tax advice and planning

Our law firm in Serbia provide financial advisory for any tax law issues in order to conduct your company’s activities in the safest conditions. Our lawyers in Serbia are also able to represent your interests in litigation concerning budgetary claims. Since the Serbian legal framework in the field of tax law is extensive, with numerous references to secondary legislation, our lawyers provide information on all changes and additions occur, thus preventing any problems that may affect your company’s interests.

Through our lawyers in Serbia, you can access a vast network of experienced professionals which can assist your company with annual audit, tax compliance and planning services, assurance services, partner and partnership tax, HR services and disputes and investigations.

Our company collaborates with tax consultants and accountants as well as other professionals in complementary fields in order to offer you complete solutions when it comes to tax compliance.

Our law firm in Serbia will also guide foreign investors for the avoidance of double taxation, in accordance to the Double Tax Treaties available in Serbia. By working with our experienced team of lawyers you will find out whether you are eligible to apply for these tax privileges and they will offer you further support in order to take advantage of the Double Tax Treaties.

Company liquidation services

When you want to close your company in Serbia, there are several conditions that must be taken in account. In order to comply with all the rules provided by the Law on Business Companies, ask for our law firm in Serbia support.

Our lawyers in Serbia will find the best solutions in order to stop the activity of your company, no matter the reason of liquidation, for example not performing any activities for more than two years, when the availability term stated in the company’s internal regulations expired, in case of breaking the laws.

All aspects of company liquidation in Serbia can be covered by our team of professional lawyers. They can assist you concluding all contracts, auctioning the company`s assets for covering any liabilities and distributing the last balance sheets among shareholders. Our lawyers in Serbia can also provide professional support for dissolution of a company as a result of a status change.


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